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New Brooks Brothers Pants----Milano, BBCC, Black Fleece, Fitzgerald, Regent, Madison

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Steve Smith

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Feb 5, 2008
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Price includes US shipping with tracking. First quality but labels marked to prevent return to BB. $48 each unless otherwise noted. Photos are clickable thumbnails. Enlarge the photo to answer questions of material content and pleated / flat front.
If I don't list a length then the length is unhemmed. Advantage is "Wrinkle Free".

Khaki BBCC. W30
Khaki 1818 Madison. W30.
Khaki Clark. 30-29.

Brown Madison Saxxon Wool. Made in USA. $248 Retail. $85.>>>$75
30-32 Flat Front.
31-32 Flat Front.***SOLD***
32-32 Pleated Cuffed.
32-32 Pleated Cuffed.***SOLD***

Lt Blue Milano 31-32
Navy Advantage Clark 31-30
Navy Garment Wash Milano 31-30

Navy Milano 31-30***SOLD***
Navy Milano 32-30

Khaki Madison Saxxon Wool. USA. Retail $248. True color is midway between the two photos. $85>>$75
31-31.5 Pleated Cuffed.***SOLD***
31-32 Flat Front.***SOLD***
32-31.75 Pleated Cuffed.

Brown Garment Washed Milano 32-30
Yellow Garment Washed Milano 32-30

BB Black Fleece Cotton Khaki Stripe Leg Riding Pants BB4 W32 $90
Slate Milano 32-30

British Khaki Milano 32-30
Navy Milano 32-30

Khaki Clark 32-30
Dk Brown Milano 32-30
Navy Milano 32-30

Khaki Brushed Twill Milano 32-32
Black Lt Wt Milano 32-32

Black Milano 32-32
Navy Clark 32-32

1818 Fitzgerald Brown Twill Cotton 32-32 $55***SOLD***
Yellow Garment Dyed Milano 32-32
1818 Fitzgerald Navy Twill Cotton 32-32 $55

Slate Milano 32-34
Gray Clark 32-34

Dk Brown Milano 32-34
Navy Milano 32-34

Pale Orange Redford, the color is a light orange which move a bit toward yellow. 32-32

Brown Garment Washed Milano 33-30
Earthy Dk Green Wide Wale Cord Milano 33-30
Red Wide Wale Cord Milano 33-30

BB Country Club British Khaki 33-30
British Khaki Milano 33-30

Navy Milano 33-31
1818 Fitzgerald Brown Cotton Twill 33-32 $55

Black Milano 33-32
Navy Garment Washed Milano 33-32

Pale Orange Redford, 33-32
Red Redford, 33-32
Red Newman, 33-32.

Dark Green Corduroy Milano 33-32
Navy Milano 33-34

Black Milano. 33-30.***SOLD***
Black Milano. 33-32.
Khaki BBCC. 33-32.

Burg Wide Wale Cord Milano 34-32
Navy Wide Wale Cord Milano 34-32

Khaki Milano 34-32***SOLD***
1818 Madison Navy Linen Cuffed 34-32
Lt Khaki Milano 34-32

Lt Khaki Milano 34-32
Navy Milano 34-32
Navy Milano 34-32

Blue Redford, 34-32.
Off-White Redford, 34-32.

Garment Dyed Red Milano 35-30
British Khaki Milano 35-32

Garment Dyed Khaki Milano 35-30
Khaki Milano 35-30

Lt Orange Milano 35-30
Kelly Green Milano 35-30
Maroon Brushed Twill Hudson 35-30***SOLD***
Navy Milano 35-34***SOLD***

BBCC Prosport Lt Khaki Golf Pant. 36-30
Pink Linen Blend Milano 36-30
Khaki Linen Blend Milano 36-30

White Elliot. 36-34***SOLD***
Pink Linen Blend Milano. 36-34

Lt Gray Milano 38-30
Khaki Brushed Twill Milano 38-30
White Fine Wale Cotton Jeans 38-30

Khaki Twill Elliot, close up photo is true color. 40-32
1818 Madison Charcoal Wool VBC. W42
Tobacco Wool VBC. Retail $248. W44


Black Brushed Twill Milano 29-30
Khaki Clark 30-30***SOLD***
Gray Wool Milano. Tagged W30 but altered to 28.5- 29 with 2.5 to let out in length. $85.***SOLD***

Black Fleece Stone Cotton W30 $90
Black Fleece Khaki Cotton W30 $90***SOLD***

Dark Gray Wool Milano. W38 $85***SOLD***
Black Wool w Side Tabs. Heavy fabric custom made by Martin Greenfield in USA. Retail $300+. $65
Lt Gray Wool Milano W38 $85***SOLD***

British Khaki Milano 36-34
Black Fleece Charcoal Heavy Wool. Retail $400. BB3 W36 $125***SOLD***
Black Fleece Medium Gray Heavy Wool. No belt loops on this model. Retail $400 BB3 W36 $125***SOLD***

Navy Milano 36-34***SOLD***
British Khaki Milano 36-34

Navy Madison Saxxon Wool. USA. Retail $248. $85.
32-32 Pleated Cuffed.

Dark Gray Madison Saxxon Wool. USA. Retail $248. $85.
32-32 Pleated Cuffed.

Khaki Wool Twill Madison W36 $85
Dk Brown Wool Twill Madison W36 $85


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