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Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by eldridge, Apr 22, 2002.

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    Mar 11, 2002
    I went to my local library and found a treasure of books, including The Official Preppy Handbook. If you have some free time go to your local library and look up men's clothing. A list of some titles I checked out: Birnbach, Lisa. The Official Preppy Handbook. Workman Publishing Company. New York, NY. 1980. Omelianuk, Scott. Esquire's Things a Man Should Know About Style. Riverhead Books. New York, NY. 1999. Thourlby, William. You Are What You Wear: The Key to Business Success. Sheed Andrews and McMeel. Kansas City, MO. 1978. Wagenvoord, James. Personal Style: The Man's Guide to Fashion, Fitness, Travel, and Entertaining. Holt, Rinhart and Winston. New York, NY. 1985. Wilson, William. Man at His Best: The Esquire Guide to Style. Esquire Press. 1985. I was unable to find any books by Alan Flusser.

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    IMHO, you should chuck the rest of those books, with the exc. of the preppy handbook, go for flusser and boyer, the two best in their field. i would recommend looking at amazon.com to find the books/ descriptions, then order the books via the interlibrary loan, by finding them in Books in Print.

    also, add to the list the 'chic simple Mens Clothing' book. good resource, i think.

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