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Leather Boots - Beginners Help


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Feb 23, 2011
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Hey there,

Just recently joined SF and decided it would be best to post a new thread. Let me start off by saying that during my childhood, I never had a family member help me out with "life lessons." When it comes to things like "your belt color should match your shoes" was something I had to teach myself. So please forgive me if these questions are very basic and maybe considered "common knowledge."

A few months ago I decided to start dressing my age and bought a rather nice pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot (Original / Black). Tonight I also purchased a Eastland Made In Maine Seneca USA (Dark Olive). Here is my problem, I have no idea how to care for these boots. I really want them to last but don't really know where to start.

  • I don't know what sections of leathers were used to make each boot. Does that matter? How?
  • I don't know how often I should clean each boot. Is it done by appearance?
  • I don't know what I should use to clean each boot. What do I use? How to I use that?
  • I live in an area where salt and snow are common. How can I prevent damage to the boots?
  • How can I clean them without producing a shine? I prefer a matte finish. I also don't want to change the color of the boot if possible.
  • Should I use shoe trees?
  • How should I store them when I'm not wearing them?
  • Should I go to a local shoe shiner?
  • Any recommendations for a blog or something that can help?

Also, when I purchased my 1000 mile boot it came with a free boot care kit. Inside it looks like I have some Leather Creme (Neutral), a nice brush that looks to be made of some animal hair, a nice cloth that reminds me of something you would use for eye glasses, and some leather conditioner that says it "Clears, polishes, protects, and conditions" "for all colors of leather and vinyl."

Again I hope these aren't too basic. I attempted to search the forums but found everything to be not basic enough. I really need to start from square one.




Distinguished Member
Jul 30, 2007
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Originally Posted by abruno
Hey there,

Just recently joined SF and decided it would be best to post a new thread. Let me start off by saying that during my childhood...

I'm sorry, I almost dozed off at this point.


Nov 6, 2010
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I think if you search the forum for threads with "1000 mile", you'll find what you want there.

Alternatively, I believe Wolverine has a blog all about the 100 mile collection, which featured a boot-care post a looong-ass time ago, could dig there.

Or just google.

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