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I need to go to a funeral tomorrow - I don't have a suit. Help?

Mar 17, 2018
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So my grandmother who I don't really see died a few weeks back. I wasn't originally intending on going to the funeral but I was told today that I WILL be attending or there will be problems caused by my decision. This has all came a bit late and I simply don't have a suit, Atleast one that fits.

I've raided my wardrobe, And the most suitable things I found are

Shirt ;

1. White Oxford Shirt.

Jacket/Blazer ;

1. Tweed Blazer
2. Navy Tweed Blazer.

Pants ;

1. Black All Saints Jeans, Skiny.
2. Blue / Indigio Levi's 510 Skinny.
3. Blue / Indigo Levi 511 Slim.

Footwear ;

Brown All Saints Combat Boot
Pair of Smarter (But Scuffed) Topman Suede shoes.
Pair of Sperry Topsiders (Camel colour / light brown).

I also have 2 crombie jacket, One Camel and Black.

I've gone ahead and realised that I'm going to look stupid regardless of what I wear, As well as out of place but I am going and I need to match what I've listed above to look atleast acceptable to attend. I don't feel like anything I've listed above is really acceptable for a funeral but it's all I have to work with on such short notice....?

Given what I've listed above, What would you choose?

Not sure if this helps but I'm 5'8 and 68kg.

Edit; I'm really anxious about attending with what I have to wear, thats why I'm posting this here for opinions.
Getting a suit is not an option. It's too late and I don't really have the cash to be throwing around.
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Distinguished Member
Aug 29, 2013
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Would strongly recommend that you get a pair of mid or dark grey dress trousers at the very least. Navy blazer/white shirt/grey trousers/suede shoes (what color?) would at least be passable. Jeans are not a good look for a funeral.


Senior Member
Mar 14, 2019
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Agree with the above. Jeans are gonna break almost anything you do here. Go w/ the navy blazer and the suede shoes as long as they aren't suede sneakers I guess.


Active Member
Mar 13, 2019
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While I agree with the above, if you are really set on not buying anything, I would go with dark colors for a funeral. Given what you’ve got to work with, the oxford shirt, the black skinny jeans, the black crombie...and I guess the smarter suedes shoes. Since it’s a funeral, I would strongly encourage you to go to your nearest thrift store and shell out a couple of bucks for the darkest tie that you can find.

you’re going for a look like this, which I think would be passable for a funeral.

Mar 17, 2018
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This is a nightmare.

The suede shoes are also a camel / dark sand type colour.... I did have a decent pair of Loakes until I tore them recently. They would have been a lot more acceptable.

I don't know if I'll be able to get into town tomorrow to buy some slacks, But I'll try my best along with a tie. I do have a pair of Navy suit trousers, along with the suit in general but it simply doesn't fit. The jacket is way too tight, And the the bottoms won't zip up fully.. lol.

I was thinking I could wear my suit and wear the crombie over the top to hide how small it was, And of course the zipper not zipping - But it's a little tight on the legs and It'll look terrible!


Senior Member
Feb 26, 2016
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It will be more important to your family that you are attending rather than how you are dressed.

If you don’t show up, they will never forget that. They will never remember what you wore.

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