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Help out a current undergrad senior looking for first real job!


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Jul 10, 2011
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Hello, long time lurker here, I am currently a senior in college (Top 20 ranked University) and applying to consulting firms for Full Time. I've had some long landing some MBB interviews and for all the Big 4 for advisory, but unfortunately never made it past the 2nd round.

I know more consulting gigs should show up through my local career center. However, I'm still looking for other ways to find firms (boutiques as well) to apply for, so my first question is

Where else can I can I look besides linkedin, onewire, indeed (maybe not the best place)?

Although I've made it quite far in some of the interview processes, I Feel at times my interview skills are not up to par, and sometimes even though I think have at least a somewhat decent resume I get denied (not even through the screen) for some firms.

If anyone in management consulting would mind taking a look at my resume and possibly critiquing it that would be great. I'll PM it to you.

Thanks loads.


Well-Known Member
Apr 19, 2013
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I would gladly take a look at your resume. I graduated from UG almost 2 years. I decided to turn down a Big4 advisory offer at the time. I'm currently in corporate finance for a F250 professional services firm, and view resumes for my director rather often.

Please know that being a top 20 school is currently your largest blessing. Finding a job in these competitive finance industries is going to be incredibly tough after you graduate or outside the recruiting cycle. Do everything in your power to get offers in your hand. Spend 5 hours a day working on your interviewing skills if you must. Perfect your resume. Send every email to everyone you can think of, or you will regret it.

Anyways, I might be able to advise on your resume if you shoot it over.


Stylish Dinosaur
Jun 18, 2006
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Contact your alumni. There should be plenty working or somehow associated with the your industry of itnerest especially since you attend at top 20 university. It always blows my mind that people don't think about this.
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Distinguished Member
Sep 5, 2008
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I'm in a similar position, but in the UK from a top 3 school applying for IB. I'm not sure if it's possible because your in your final year, but have you applied for any internships? A lot of firms hire out of those and you are going to have a hard as **** time getting a grad role without any previous experience. Work on your interviewing skills and try to learn some technical details. Interviewers have always been very impressed when I've shown I know how to perform a DCF or talk them through how some risk method works. I assume you have similar technical skills for MC. If I recall the american application process has like 7 rounds or something so if your only getting to round 2 your interview skills must be ****. Apparently networking is very important in America (it's not at all in England, everyone just does online apps and they work) so go talk to alumni, find their email addresses and ask if you can meet up. Do you have any relevant extra curriculars, which you can bullshit into sounding like they gave you skills? I tutor other students and inner city kids in maths and stats so I say that taught me how to work with people and explain difficult to understand concepts to dumb people. I made a **** load of money selling clothes on SF so I write how I have entrepreneurial skills and drive to succeed and employers love this ****. If you've played a sport at a decent level talk about your dedication, leadership skills and communication skills. If your doing a quantitative subject talk about your analytical skills and attention to detail.They all want the same ****, communication skills, leadership, team work, analytical and attention to detail, find some way to sell yourself as having those skills. What if your GPA and major? Minimum in the states is like 3.6 in a quantitative role right? I have a friend from a top 15 school in the UK, but that doesn't really mean much since theres only 4 good schools here, but he is **** at selling himself and hasn't had one interview.


Distinguished Member
Sep 26, 2011
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I'm in a similar position to you Fuji. At a Masters at a top UK school. Having a hard as hell time getting any position back in the USA. Haven't had a single company in the US respond to my application. My resume is pretty strong because I worked a full time finance job during my senior year of undergraduate and finished that degree a year early (good way to have a miserable year of your life, but given the prices for schooling in the USA it was worth it). That said the online process here is though. I've had a random smattering of interview acceptances. Got my first choice but denied by my 2nd, 3rd and safety.

Had my first round interview with my first choice. Frankly was nervous for the first "informal" interview and screwed up some super basic math (my zeros). My case interview went well, but not expecting to make it to round 2.

Frankly no idea where to go from here.

Although the states aren't 7 rounds. Usually just one more interview round than the UK, but there is no online screening test (except for McKinsey's in office PST). It is harder to make it to the screening test here than it is to get a first round interview at one of the MBB in the states.

Netseeker my best advice to you is to practice interviewing and have it recorded. While dreadfully awful to watch, it's very effective.

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