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New Member
Mar 28, 2022
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Greetings to you dear ones, for the first time I would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Marcel and I am a very fashion-conscious person who shows his self-confidence and authority as well as his elegance with his clothing style.

I've actually been in the fashion industry for a very long time (since I was 13) and I'm also extremely fashion-conscious with special luxury and fashion brands.

That's why I'm writing my post here now, that's what it's all about in the end, because I want to know something from you for you and I would be happy if everyone here would take part in the conversation.

I am currently running and designing the market takeover of fashion shirts in the high-price segment, now the question is why now ... there are countless shirt brands and shirt suppliers as well as bespoken "online tailors" and real tailors in the world, the price segments are really from low to high fully staffed, some a little better, others a little worse, but I can't see and can't find any present shirt manufacturers who work to measure and offer unusual fabrics in this segment with special extras, and now I would like to introduce you to the concept I've been working on have for you to be able to offer a full service, in the direction of tailor-made shirts in the online segment and the high price range.

Of course, the shirts also have an extreme value and are not just in a “higher price segment”, but the question that arises for me is not whether there is a target group for them, I was able to find that out myself through weeks of research and also not "what" you want, but I would like to take more of you with me to be able to offer you the best possible thing that is possible and I know with a clear conscience that I am in the right place.

Now to the main part:

I would like to introduce or offer you a brand that *here we go*

With an Italian sensation and also the matching color contrasts (since luxurious, I'm currently looking for men's outfitter style means dark blue and white, o/u gold black)

The brand advertises with an extremely high level of sustainability (which is not a real aspect, but I like to include it) and a perfection production or perfection manufacturers through exceptional substances in the highest rarity and a high price range.

The brand specializes in particular in luxurious customer satisfaction (through an unusually long guarantee and unrestricted additional/service features), thus also with the best customer service and through the designer with complete expertise with a passion for excellent products with real added value.

The designs are very subtle, timeless (regular colors), the brand presence is awakened by a stylish and "own" appearance, thus also a for example Handwritten logo (quick question in passing, what would be important for you in such a brand presence in this price range, possibly with a visual example in front of your eyes if you close it briefly)

As a special feature to expand the concept, patterns are published as so-called "releases" in a very promotional way, since there is a lot of work behind it with a large team of designers, which means that customers can always access new products or regular products with stylish/new contrasts/patterns.

Due to the high price and the "made-to-measure" of the items, we are not averse to accepting special customer orders, which means that special wishes and ideas from the customer can also be taken into account with (their own/unique) design ideas.

The Full Service is “online” via a website with a social media presence.

the full range consists only of excellent and fancy products , where there is no room for rubbish , and this is how it will be presented .

The packaging will "at best" be made of wood o/u very unique with complete avoidance of plastic (possibly cardboard, real box), the packaging presents itself through the color interplay with the brand

Now we are coming to the end and thus also to the fulfillment of your wishes beforehand, however, aspects must be taken into account, which is why we or I have a few questions for you, which we would like to be able to answer completely and extensively.

So far I have read everything thoroughly and several times and am happy to answer it.

Now to my questions about the fulfillment of your wishes:

What do you think of the concept for the first time and what would you prefer to change (due to your own taste or the defined target group)?

Derived from the first to the second question, what would you specifically say is the target group and how would you define it, since very many would not be in such a price segment of 200€> and therefore only certain people would have the opportunity to do so Wearing a shirt due to the constant value (definition in the best case with: "age", "hobby" as well as a current "living situation" and the future "desired situation" what do these people wish for the future who would buy/wear such a shirt )

Now to a somewhat general question, what do you think would be the fashion style that would be present, what would you rather put in such a segment and what is your assumption about the "collection idea" with the "releases"?

What do you think of the color combinations in principle (you may have discovered your own recommendations in everyday life) and what do you think of the complete design I have shown you, what do you think of the packaging and what is important to you, as an additional special extra ? A wooden packaging sounds bomb or not

And what would you say from your life experience that you have taken so far, how would you implement the concept or what would you add.

Since this is a "tailoring service" where you can make a shirt according to your wishes (with different collar shapes, cuffs, styles, the best possible care as well as costumer care towards care guidelines, high-quality/unusual fabrics, back aspects, specially adapted fabrics for certain occasions and seasons, as well as an artistic color concept from several experts who have been dealing with the color composition in the pitti uomo fashion direction for years to inspire our luxurious customers)

And what do you think specifically of words outside of "customers" towards members in a luxurious/better appointed form? How do you feel about this and what is your opinion?

I would be very happy about any advice and answers. I am very happy to give you time to answer, but answer in detail and with your complete understanding, because I want to offer you something and I hope you perceive it that way as well.

Possibly again to present questions *not about the concept* but about the general "Bespoke" service on the Internet now ... I noticed that there are a lot of negative opinions about it, the majority are rather positive but the negative part is not hidden, so there are problems and I would just like to ask you directly what kind of problems you see and how you would like them to be solved effectively.

I mean there are many problems with the fit, with the dimensions, with the qualities as well as with the support with my interaction in the market I will gladly take away the last two aspects from you, but you have to answer the first two so that I can offer something "perfect", so my explicit question is:

How do I solve the fitting problem with you and get the perfect and most suitable product for each of you with the first production of the made-to-measure shirt, how do you not have fitting problems (due to certain measures, special units, customer aspects such as measuring tape with instructions sent to everyone free of charge/or for a basic fee and with additional instructions)

What kind of perfect shirt do you want and how do you want designed the perfect shirt with you *immediately*

I assume that that should be enough, I actually have other points that you would have to consider, but unfortunately I don't know how the people are here, although I actually found a lot of intellectual people in my research, but the times have changed certainly also changed and before that I would want to get an overview of what kind of creative and life-experienced I you have so far.

I am happy about every suggestion and every comment that will happen here under this post and therefore I will also read through every comment in full, take note of it, make a note of it and, in the best case, reply to it.

There are important points, I have designed it so that you are not overwhelmed and can leave me the best resulting answer, so I also hope that I can offer you one of the best services in the future and I look forward to your kindness.

In the future I will also remember this post and where it took me, so you certainly won't go away empty-handed.
I hope so far also your comment and wish you all who read/have read this here a beautiful and pleasant morning and afternoon.

Best Regards ,
Marcel J.


New Member
Mar 28, 2022
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For me, the question has probably been answered, because now 2 pioneers here would have to think that they are the clowns here and do not see serious questions as very noteworthy, I think it's a shame that you have to accommodate people so much if you want to design something for them but then I would probably have to get this information in a different way.

Thank you in advance for the two idiots who seem to have problems with this
@Jan-Mikael @classicalthunde

Phileas Fogg

Distinguished Member
Feb 9, 2020
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Distinguished Member
Jul 29, 2019
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Lots of marketing words you got there. How much wood would you be using per shirt? Doesn't sound sustainable.

Also nobody would use those boxes to store shirts. What you are describing isn't unique compared to 100Hands and their packaging.

How will your online bespoke be better than the likes of D' Avino or Luca Avitabile? Also what fabrics are you using?


Distinguished Member
Apr 11, 2016
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with different collar shapes, cuffs, styles, the best possible care as well as costumer care towards care guidelines, high-quality/unusual fabrics, back aspects, specially adapted fabrics for certain occasions and seasons, as well as an artistic color concept from several experts who have been dealing with the color composition in the pitti uomo fashion direction for years to inspire our luxurious customers)

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Spinster Jones

Senior Member
Feb 14, 2021
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A schizophrenic guy shows up at my job every day, and he always shows me a page of what he has written. He uses big words, but they convey no meaning.

This reads like that.

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