Gonna get a custom sportcoat made...

Discussion in 'Classic Menswear' started by discostu004, Jun 7, 2004.

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    while in NYC i went to the Loro Piana warehouse sale and got a big bolt of red fabric at 90% off. paid around 80 for it. i'm going to send it to my guy at Korshak to see what he can do with it. i put these considerations
    1. side vents
    2. ticket pocket
    3. 3 button
    4. 1/4 lining with possibly some wild color lining. i was in there recently and a guy had bought $90K worth of kiton and it had just arrived so i looked at it and they'd done different color linings. like one was a light blue w/ gold windowpane and the lining was gold. not sure what color i'll do
    5. peak lapel considering, waiting for his response
    6. working buttonholes obviously.

    curious about price. since i'm supplying the fabric i would think it'd be a decent amount cheaper than MTM, and i looked at some prices of Belvest MTM and some were $1,795, so i'm hoping it's quite a bit cheaper. anyone have any experience with supplying the fabric and what impact that has on price?

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