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trouser fit

  1. Summerstile-1

    Gurkha Trousers

    Hi! I'm looking for a pair of tapered Gurkha trousers preferably under 100 euros. Does anyone know brands to get them from and any tips for the right fit as I've never had Gurkhas before?
  2. xs62

    Long Torso - Short Legs. How to fit pants so that proportions look right?

    There are a few older threads on this topic but nothing with a good definitive answer. How have those of you with relatively short inseams and long torsos dealt with looking sleek in business clothing? For me, I find that there are three unsatisfactory comrpomises. Excuse me if the pictures...
  3. unknown00

    buy pants exact waist or bigger?

    just a quick question, i use to buy 2 sizes bigger. for example for me, a 32 is like a perfect fit and i can wear it without a belt and it be fine. but it's such a "perfect fit" i'm afraid if i gain ANY weight then it'll automatically become too small. how about you? buy exact size or size bigger?
  4. joegrec

    Brooks Brothers pants fits

    Can anyone give me a good description of the Brooks Brothers pants fits? I know they have at least 3 different fit lines, the Madison, the Regent, and the Milano. Can someone tell me how they all fit?
  5. Izod32

    What is your height and what length pants do you wear?

    I'm 5'8 and 162 lbs or so and always wear 32/30 with jeans. I tried on some Banana Republic dress pants in 32/30 but for some reason, they don't seem to cover my loafer that i was wearing. Like imagine you are wearing a loafer and the pants while you are standing up, doesn't cover it all so you...
  6. Cayne-Abel

    How high are you supposed to wear suit pants?

    I saw a two-year-old thread on this, but it didn't really have any definitive answers. Can someone explain where - in relation to the navel, hip bones, or hollow of the lower back - you are supposed to wear suit pants? Let's assume that we are talking about a relatively thin person. I also...
  7. TintinATL

    Pants too long in the crotch: what can be done?

    I found a great pair of RL chinos that I just love, but the crotch is too long. The waist sits comfortably, and the leg length is right, but the crotch hangs down too low. They also seem a bit baggy in the butt. Is this something that can be easily altered? I saw a similar thread from last year...

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