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  1. jimney

    Tailors and higher-end cleaners in Chicago in 2022?

    There have been a lot of closures over the past two years. Notably, Golden Needle in the Gold Coast closed, and that was THE place to get things tailored in Chicago. So I was wondering - are there any tailors folks here would recommend as a replacement? And while we're on the topic of stuff in...
  2. pwbower

    Vintage Guys (NYC) - Tailor Travails?

    I came to cm via a longtime obsession with everything vintage. Because I work in a creative field, I can look like a full-on oddball with only mild eyebrow raising if I like. However, I never dress period-correct or in anything resembling a costume. I like to put together modern, wearable...
  3. ray8

    Hong Kong Shirtmakers - Dec 2017 prices, process, and product comparison

    Hi all, I'm in Hong Kong for a 2-week vacation, and I'll be visiting a handful of tailors that I've short-listed, mostly as the result of the commentary on this forum and on the internet in general. I've been looking forward to having bespoke shirts made for a while (I've done MTM thus far)...
  4. LA Guy

    You are Invited to the Styleforum Maker Space Artisan event in Florence, January 2018

    I'd like to invite everyone who will be in Florence this coming January to our event, concurrent with Pitti Uomo, in Florence. Please come out and check out the work of the artisans that we will have in the multistory, luxury apartment that we rented in the heart of Florence (right near the...
  5. towerbespoke

    AMA: Bespoke Tailor Edition!

    Hello everyone, I am a bespoke tailor in Toronto and was wondering if this may be of interest to you folks. Piggy-backing off the original idea from reddit of an "ask-me-anything" this is an opportunity to get some technical advice to convey to your local tailors so that you feel more...
  6. N

    What about Tailorstore (repost)

    Greetings styleforum. I am a young guy (20), who is attempting to achieve some style. Now what can be more stylish than a well-fittet suit? (perhaps a tux?) I have been looking for some suit, but i am 5'6 and therefore buying off the rack can be difficult. I live in Denmark, where we do have...
  7. jkiser

    Nashville Style! Alterations and Opportunities...

    Nashville is now home for me. The pace (and the space) is awesome. Jeans are the way down here...but I must have more suits!! Does anyone know of a dependable tailor in the area? And, are there any exceptional sources for suiting? Thank you in advance for your help. JKiser
  8. UrbanComposition

    East Sicily Tailors

    Of course I knew there must be tailors in Sicily, but once I saw Sleevehead's book I knew I had to make it a part of my next trip. We landed in Palermo and spent a couple nights with an old lady that knew hardly anything about her city but cooked amazing food: caponata, swordfish, etc. I guess...
  9. rdstour

    Menswear Shop Refusing to Tailor "Outside" Clothing | Experiences or Advice?

    All, just wanted to get a 2nd opinion on this and wondering how you may have dealt with this: I was in a well established menswear shop in Houston (ND) recently to have some clothes assessed by their tailor (enough material in sleeves to lengthen adequately? Etc.) A sales associate took me...
  10. Sam99

    Need recommendations on New York tailors

    Good evening all, I'm new here and excited to be part of your community. My name is Sam and I am having a difficult time finding the right tailor here in Brooklyn, NY. I have a few slim fit shirts I recently purchased, and I need a tailor who is familiar with slim fit alterations. Any...
  11. ElPrincipe

    Suit fit

    Hello all I am just starting to invest in 'proper' suits (in the past I've owned my share of cheap synthetic atrocities) and am trying to get the fit right. I'm still new to all this, so it's still a mid/low-mid suit. I actually picked it up from Banana Republic, one of the monogram series...
  12. Rugger

    D.C./Baltimore Haberdasher?

    Just moved to the D.C. metro area. What are some of the better haberdashers in town? Mostly looking for tailoring and maybe some MTM shirting. Thanks :slayer:
  13. Kimistry

    Understanding why half-canvassed suits are better than fully fused jackets

    Hi, I've been reading a lot about canvassed, half-canvassed, and fused suits. I understand the generally differences between them now. But there is one point that I'm still unclear about: for a half-canvassed suit, is the fusible still glued to the wool shell even though there is a half canvas...
  14. idfnl

    Anyone interested in joining me in a bulk order of 13" Tailors' Shears (scissors) made in Italy?

    Hey all, These kinds of huge tailors' shears are not available anywhere anymore. They haven't been manufactured in 35 years. The original factory that has the original forms for them. They are willing to re-manufacture a run of these if there were enough orders. Is anyone interested? It's...
  15. Claghorn

    An Interview with B&Tailor

    When I first joined Styleforum and listed my location as Seoul, I got several messages in rapid succession asking about B&Tailor. At the time, I had no idea who they were. About a year later, I finally stumbled upon their fantastic tumblr, this providing the impetus to finally get some stuff...
  16. CrimsonSox

    Italian conservative business dress

    This is a thread devoted to Italian conservative business dress -- the more soporific the better. The fashionable side of Italy, as in Pitti Uomo, is interesting and gets a lot of attention. But Italian businessmen are exceptionally good at conservative business dress and deserve their own thread. The original...
  17. sipang

    MARGARET HOWELL Fall/Winter 2013

    Masterclass in subtlety, as usual rich but muted colors and soft volumes elevate what would've been a generic effort in lesser hands.
  18. unbelragazzo

    Antonio Liverano, Florentine tailor

    There are tailoring houses that claim to be all things to all men. To be a chameleon with shears. A gentleman shape-shifter. Antonio Liverano is not one of these. Signor Liverano's house style is very distinctive, among the most easily recognizable of today's internationally known tailors. And...
  19. Eustace Tilley

    Kamakura Shirts - Madison Ave Store

    Saw this new store as I was walking to J. Press and decided to stop in as a reprieve from the cold. A great little shop - they have some beautiful, well priced buttondown shirts ($78) - they've mimicked the classic Brooks BD collar from the 50s/60s to great effect. They should start a MTM...
  20. acecow

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    There has been a lot of talk about the inappropriateness of casual shots in the WAYWRN thread. Yet, that is what many of us wear more often than our suit-and-tie ensembles. Most of you'd agree that posting in the SW&D sub-forum is not an option. I've tried to assemble most of the casual fits...

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