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  1. C

    [SOLD] Albert Thurston braces

    [SOLD] For sale are seven two sets of Albert Thurston braces. As well known, these are some of the best braces generally available and are manufactured in England. Please be aware that these braces do not come with the extra buttons to sew onto trousers for the braces to be attached. These are...
  2. C

    [SOLD] Fullcount x Decorum Stoned Wash Selvedge Denim W28L29

    Fullcount x Decorum Stoned Wash Selvedge Denim W28L29. Excellent condition, seldom worn. Pairs wonderfully with casual menswear or tailoring. Purchased mid 2022, retails for $300 USD including international shipping from Thailand. Product details: Exclusively produced by Fullcount in Japan...
  3. C

    [SOLD] The Armoury Spread Collar Polo - Gold Long Sleeve

    The Armoury by Ascot Chang Long Sleeve Spread Collar Polo in Gold colour. Excellent condition, seldom worn. Pairs wonderfully with denim or tailoring. Fits true to size - Armoury size 44 / XS. Retails for $250-275 USD Product details: 100% cotton pique Mother of pearl buttons Two button placket...
  4. K_The_Sartorialist

    Question about jacket bicep measurement.

    Good day gents. I hope the holidays have been great so far and continue to be so into the new year. I’m currently in the process of designing myself a new MTM suit and in that regard I’m wondering about this: What is normal to add upon a bicep measurement (measured over shirt sleeve) to get...
  5. L


    Hey - does anyone out there know if Camoshita is going to be producing new lines? Seems like they haven’t done anything in about 3 years. Wondering if anyone has the inside scoop. Thanks!
  6. M

    Sport coat buttonhole fraying

    I have a sport coat where the middle button hole is starting to fray. It’s an older jacket with sentimental value and I’d like to make sure I don’t damage it permanently. Is this something that needs to/can be repaired by an average tailor? I’ve attached a photo, and apologize if this is in the...
  7. E

    Casual waistcoat?

    So I've recently really got into wearing waistcoats. I'm a dude in his 20's and I think it's a very nice piece of classsy elegance. Anyway, are there any rules for wearing it casually? By casual I mean not in a suit composition. Like, with a shirt underneath it (obviously, ppl wearing waistcoats...
  8. B

    Advice/Expertise Needed on this Suit Wrinkle

    Hello Experts, Is anyone able to identify what the issue may be that is causing these wrinkles at the seam/above the pockets in this jacket? It is off the peg, not tailored (sorry for the spotty mirror). It's a lightweight, unlined 40R, which usually fits pretty spot-on. It doesn't feel tight...
  9. M

    Suit Jacket Alterations Advice

    Hi everyone, I will be attending a wedding for the first time since the pandemic started. As a result of lockdowns, I've put on around 8kg most notably around the waist which I just can't seem to shed. I went suit shopping yesterday to see what options I had. I found one which I quite liked -...
  10. VictorBesnard

    Besnard - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hi everyone, Victor Besnard here, founder of Besnard. I’m very excited to join Styleforum as an official affiliate and I would like to take this opportunity to provide those of you who do not know us with a little background about our company, vision and products. Besnard is a heritage brand...
  11. D

    Velvet blazer query

    Hello Gents, I recently orderd some velvet fabrice for my tailor to make me a blazer from. However; he has advised me that he cannot "press" the velbet without damaging the fabrice. See video linked here: Velvet issue Any idea how tailors can make velevet garments like blazers that require...
  12. B

    Shoulder width, jacket examples

    Hi all, I would like some opinions on jacket shoulder widths and I have some examples that demonstrate various widths. I appreciate any thoughts you may have. The shoulder styles are different between the jackets so this may impact how much can be said by looking at a picture. The first...
  13. fashionbox


  14. Belvedere

    Bespoke & morning dress (London)

    Hello, this is my inaugural post so I'll jump straight in! I'm looking to buy morning dress for the first time, so (given it's probably a one-time purchase) I should try and go bespoke. Given my price range, the best options I'm aware of seem to be Cad & the Dandy, and King & Allen (both...
  15. T

    What measurements should i request from my tailor

    In the interest of buying clothes online i'm planning on getting my measurements taken by a tailor. She seemed keen on the idea and willing to do the job so that's great and all :) However i would like to make sure that the measurements i get are useful for buying clothing online. Is there a...
  16. tighty88

    Best denim tailors in NYC that aren’t Williamsburg Garment Company or Denim Therapy

    Really want to taper my current roster of jeans this year but I want to make sure that it’s done correctly - with a Caballo chain stitch sewing machine and all that. I also want to try a service that isn’t as excruciatingly far from where I live in Nassau County as Williamsburg Garment or as...
  17. denglinpiano

    problems with shoulders and quarters of preowned jackets

    I recently purchased a preowned burberry blazer. The problem is that the shoulders have been altered before and have a creased appearance to them, and that the quarters of the jacket are very open, resulting in the bottom of my shirt peaking out. I am wondering whether a tailor can realter my...
  18. J

    Is my tailor BSing and upselling me?

    Earlier today I was trying a new tailor closer to me. I had purchased a jacket pre-lockdown that needed to be taken in at the waist, and having lost a few extra kilos during lockdown the need to be taken was even greater. I usually wear a 40 drop 7 (sometimes 8) jacket, and this jacket is a 42...
  19. S

    New-(ish) to men's tailoring. Need some tips and advice.

    Hi all, I just have some questions regarding tailoring. I currently have 4 OTR suits (navy, navy with olive windowpane, charcoal with tan windowpane, pin stripe boucle) and one MTM suit (berry red linen 6x2 DB), please forgive me for my outrageous choices. Funnily enough, I don't even wear suits...
  20. nstead2007

    Suitsupply Brown Pow Check Overcoat Size: 38/48

    Suitsupply Brown Prince of Wales Overcoat in size 38 for sale The overcoat is in perfect condition.. 8.7 out of 10 just some creases in internal lining Material 90%wool 10%Cashmere The buttons were replaced with real horn Working button Holes. Measurements are as follows: Shoulder to...

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