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  1. Aidulin

    Haircut advice please

    Ok so i have no idea if what haircut would suit me , any advice ?
  2. Daniel Hakimi

    Let's Talk About Bookcore

    For reference: Bookcore: How Everyone Is Dressing Like a Bookstore Regular I know @dieworkwear has its own appreciation thread, but the idea is starting to catch on. A lot of people are talking about the style:https://lithub.com/can-bookcore-please-be-2022s-hottest-new-look/ Reddit Thread on...
  3. Shoenut


    Welcome all to the Allen Edmonds Appreciation thread 2022. You will probably find this to be one of the best threads here or anywhere. What makes this thread special is the brotherhood here. Of course we are here first and foremost for the shoes, but there are a bunch of people that make it...
  4. sfo423

    Cashmere Top Coat

    OBO on this Saks coat! Purchased (only owner) a few years back and have only worn it a few times. Wrong climate; it does not make it out of the closet. No stains, rips, tears, blems of any kind. Specs: Navy, single breast 3 button, single vent, inner pockets, lining has a slight teal tint to...
  5. P

    Total Newbie Here, Needing Help

    Hi, i don’t know anything. Like what colours would match, what can you wear (dont’s and do’s) where to buy clothes, what are good brands etc. How could i learn more about this whole ”scene”?
  6. Frenchelegance

    Sharing style vision?

    I would be delighted to share opinions, advice on men’s elegance. I am probably one of the very few lady on here but I have a passion for elegance and style for ladies and men. I grew up in a family involved in the French Haute Couture in Paris. I am not working in this industry and this is not...
  7. Fishbone

    What Unstylish/style Faux-pas are you doing on purpose?

    What Unstylish/style Faux-pas are you doing on purpose? e.g. belt when wearing waistcoats, short sleeve dress shirts, black suits ect. of course this may vary in countries(e.g. socks with sandals is not a faux pas in Japan and Korea due to history and tradition) I usually prefer white shirts...
  8. Stylish_Nate

    In need of a watch

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for some watches. Somehow, I'm looking for slim, minimalist and good looking ones. I know that brands such as Daniel Wellington or Paul Hewitt are doing some really good looking watches, although, they are overpriced (for me) and I've heard that the mechanisms are...
  9. 2


    260LA welcomes the J BRAND Sample Sale to our Beverly Hills location at 301 N Canon Drive. Join us Wednesday, October 31st through Sunday, November 4th to shop discounts on men's and women's ready-to-wear and accessories from this incredible denim brand! Location : 301 N Canon Drive (Btwn...
  10. Vegas Girl

    Sweating in the heat!

    I recently moved to Las Vegas where the temperature has been 110-119 degrees. Therefore, we all can't help but sweat, even though it is dry air. Can anyone tell me the best fabric to wear to reduce sweat and still look good?
  11. J


    I stumbled upon this shirt and I have been looking for it everywhere. It's likely 300$+ and from a luxurious brand like YSL, Tom Ford, ect.. The shirt has hidden buttons. Thanks!
  12. S

    What kind of a hairstyle should I get?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, 16 years old and about to finish my sophomore year of high school. I've typically worn a hat in the past (here: https://images.solecollector.com/complex/image/upload/t_in_content_image/jimmy-butler-jordan-hats-02_o32o2o.jpg for reference), but I have never actually...
  13. thedondapper

    Tie Lot (Mix of vintage and modern)

    Tie 1: Skinny 100% cotton tie from H&M Tie 2: Vintage tie 100% silk Tie 3: Pink plaid tie worn about 4 times 100% silk Tie 4: 1980s vintage tie 100% silk Tie 5: Black slim tie with mustache motif at bottom 75% polyester 25% viscose (Never Worn, with tags) Tie 6: Simple black bowtie 100%...
  14. cajones1

    Collection of Style Books

    All are in excellent, like new condition Nordstrom guide to style Style and the man Men in this town Esquire handbook of style
  15. Scootiesangel

    Help with Vintage Shoes

    So I picked up this pair of Travel Fox orange suede shoes today. I can find stuff about the brand but nothing about this particular shoe. Can anyone help me?
  16. C

    $10k Budget - Professional Wardrobe

    Background, new finance job, late 20's, business professional environment with some business casual mixed in, live in the south, very hot summers and I get hot. Looking for some examples/suggestions of what you would spend your budget on. Exact items a plus. I realize I might not be able to get...
  17. IEG

    The Thomas Crown Affair

    Just interested in any input out there from any of you fine folks, I know there are some other threads commenting on things such as the style or lack of style in certain movies like 007 movies and some of the recent Bond movies having possibly made some mistakes in Bonds wardrobe. One of my...
  18. GMMcL

    Sartoria Formosa Navy Blue Birdseye 52 EU, 2 Vent Flat Front - No Man Walks Alone Staple

    Sartoria Formosa Staple Navy Blue Dual Vent, Flat Front Soft neapolitan tailoring with that flattering drop Button fly 52 EU (fits slimmer, closer to a 40ish US) You've stopped reading already and are headed up to hit "purchase", so I'm not sure what the point is. Pit: 21.5 Button point: 20...

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