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style advice

  1. Wexner

    What style would suit me?

    Here's a selfie I took at the gym to give everyone a idea of my body type. I got Auburn hair and blue eyes. I used to skateboard growing up but now I wanted to see other styles that would suit me but I don't have style to be honest. My day just goes by throwing on what's convient and heading...
  2. K

    What is the correct redness for versatile oxblood/ burgundy dress shoes?

    Hi, I am not sure how I feel about the redness of these oxblood shoes under sunlight. They are much darker in a regular indoor environment but they really pop in sunlight - is this acceptable or is it jarring? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter. BTW, these are Herring...
  3. babodabo

    What to do with an ugly hoodie with a cool print?

    Hey, I have this hoodie that Im attached to and that has quite a nice print on it. But the Pattern and the quality is so bad that I'm never wearing it. Anyone has an idea what I can do with it? the hoodie is black with a print on the front and back
  4. Gareth Q. Nguyen

    Does anyone know what suede jacket Johannes Huebl wears for the Chopard campaign?

    The green suede jacket that Johannes Huebl wears in Chopard campaign looks insanely great. Does anyone know what brand it's from?
  5. P

    Total Newbie Here, Needing Help

    Hi, i don’t know anything. Like what colours would match, what can you wear (dont’s and do’s) where to buy clothes, what are good brands etc. How could i learn more about this whole ”scene”?
  6. Seoul Soul

    Too uncool for leather jacket?

    I'm struggling with the question whether I could pull off wearing a leather jacket. I'm 23, look younger than my age, and my usual style was "preppy" -- oxford shirts, cardigans, chinos, coats, chelsea boots. I've been called well-dressed and I'm confident in the clothes I wear now. However, I...
  7. Zmitchem

    Twillory/Performance Button Down Shirt Advice

    I am a fairly muscular guy (109kg/240lbs @ 5'11) and a competitive weightlifter. That brings two issues to the table 1) I am oddly shaped and dress shirts are often ill fitting/restrictive 2) I sweat a lot in my clothes. I have been looking at many different dress shirt options (I already own a...
  8. Caustic Man

    Share It Before You Wear It

    This thread is for advice seekers who want quick, simple, advice on whether or not they should wear a particular outfit. You will find critiques, suggestions, and advice all geared toward informing you about your clothing choices BEFORE you step outside the door. Do you have a cocktail party...
  9. A

    Is this leather jacket a good fit on me or should it be sized down or up?

    Do you guys think this jacket looks to big or too small on me? It is a size small currently. I know xs, might be too snug in the shoulders, as this one feel well, but I dunno if this jacket is too loose or not? I know I asked this before just trying to see what others think!
  10. Stashu

    Good Looking Bag for University

    Hey everyone, the bag that I have been using for about 5 years has finally carried its last book. I've been thinking about what type of bag to get for university does anyone have any good stylistic and durable options? I'm open to all ideas and my budget is around $200 max (since i want it to...
  11. M

    White designer sneakers - Need opinions

    I am looking for a white pair in the upcoming 2 weeks and I can't see too many choices right now. There are two that I am considering; would sound quite mainstream for average streetwear fashioners...
  12. K

    Wedding Style Dilemma - How to style

    Hello everyone, I am going to a wedding soon and the groom has asked all of us men to wear a specific bow tie to the reception. I have no idea how to even go about styling this considering the bow tie is a bit "out there", any ideas?!:eh:
  13. J

    What sort of clothing is appropriate to wear for a Sunday matinee performance of a ballet (Swan Lake

    I'm a young guy (22) taking my girlfriend (21) to see Swan Lake on NYE (she says it's something she's always wanted to do). Other relevant information is that it's a closing performance (starting at 2 p.m.), Russian state ballet and orchestra of Siberia, at a larger theater but not necessarily a...
  14. H

    Next investment on a 400 USD budget. live in CT and NYC

    Hello All. A Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in advance to those who may respond to this post later. So Ive been lurking for over a year expanding my knowledge and understanding of what makes/breaks a wardrobe, suits and general style in particular for which Im thankful to this forum. Ill...
  15. A

    **Dressy Watch Advice**

    Hi guys i am new here and i am wondering which watch color is better on me???!! Just found this Brazilian Watch brand Xpeda and it seems good looking... I am tanned and wear streetstyle daily.. SO guys pick one color for me!!!!! Chambury Expresso Black vs Chambury Pavement Rose
  16. A

    Fabric for ascot picked out, how to match with outfit

    I picked out a fabric that will be made into an ascot. I just am not sure as to what shirt I would wear it with it. This will be my first ascot and I am definitely an amateur in fashion style. Any suggestions? I'll be wearing it to some upscale restaurants.
  17. N

    What about Tailorstore?

    Greetings styleforum. I am a young guy (20), who is attempting to achieve some style. Now what can be more stylish than a well-fittet suit? (perhaps a tux?) I have been looking for some suit, but i am 5'6 and therefore buying off the rack can be difficult. I live in Denmark, where we do have...
  18. mfais

    Ask a Question, Get an Answer - ask all quick questions here

    Previous Small Questions Thread (up to Feb. 3, 2010) can be found here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=33849 ------------------------------- i need a beater shoe and will buy some converse. currently choosing between high top chucks and purcells. leaning towards the purcell but heard...

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