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  1. Diadochus

    Does anyone know the Bobbies brand?

    Did anyone have any experience with the Bobbies brand (https://www.bobbies.com/en/men)? They're present on Yoox, but otherwise I don't know much about them. I've been meaning to purchase a 48h bag from them...
  2. Ben W

    Adrian Jules - a review

    Hi folks. I hope reviews are allowed here. Apologies if not. Please take a look at the photos comparing my Adrian Jules suit to another suit in the same price range. Which would you want? PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU VIEW THE PICTURES!!! I really wanted a suit with the fit and finish of Savile Row...
  3. S

    Salvatore Ferragamo - comments on this shoe model?

    Hello, I'm new to quality shoes. I recently bought a black oxford captoe for formal occasions. I'm now looking for a dressy-casual hybrid shoe that I can pull-off while wearing decent jeans. I've been doing my due diligence, looking to the likes of Cobbler Union, Carmina, Shoe Passion...
  4. afterthesuit

    Morjas shoes

    I'm a bit surprised there isn't a thread for these guys yet. I've a pair of their mid brown suede cap toes that I'm pretty happy with. Here are my initial thoughts plus after 7 or 8 wears. Shipping and packaging Morjas packed the shoes with a good amount of tissue paper to prevent them being...
  5. chickenfark

    18 East

    While many of us may be bummed about Antonio's departure from Eidos, I think we're all super excited about his new venture 18 East. Let's use this spot to discuss!
  6. Fueco

    Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread 2018 - News, Pictures, Clothing, Accessories, etc.

    This is the official Allen Edmonds thread for 2018. Enjoy.
  7. a guy

    Did Magnanni get better?

    I see a lot of criticism on here about Magnanni shoes, most of which dates back several years. But most of those threads reference department-store shoes at $150-250 price points. It appears the standard price point today on the Magnanni website is $435, are calfskin, and hand made (e.g...
  8. mikejungle

    My Suitsupply Experience...also, where do I shop now?

    If you want the abridged version, it's that I won't by a suit from Suitsupply again. Not necessarily because they're ****** suits (they look nice, but won't last), but because of their ****** quality control policy. I got two holes in a barely-worn suit, and Suitsupply won't acknowledge that...
  9. lodemia

    I tried out Joseph A Bank's new MTM and this is what happened

    I had a $500 gift card to Joseph A Bank that I needed to blow, and I had been toying around with trying out the MTM service that they have started offering. I worked with the manager, and I was told that I was the first one to order anything MTM in their store, so I got a lot of "attention" if...
  10. Dennis LaPorte


    Can anyone tell me where I can buy clothing from this company? I found a shirt at a thrift /vintage shop and really love the fit and style but I cannot find these shirts anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. P12OFIT

    Any opinions on suits from the Joseph Abboud Collection at Men's Warehouse?

    I know Men's Warehouse is frowned upon, but has anyone had any experience (either positive or negative) with suits from the Joseph Abboud Collection? I have been told by multiple associates that these suits are fully lined. I know something like Suit Supply may be a better alternative, but...
  12. GloStiX

    Aston Grey - good budget shoe brand?

    DSW's house brand, shameless copies of various models by other mid/fashion brands like To Boot New York and Mercanti Fiorentini. Anyway I am wondering what the current consensus is on this brand, they have some decent (and very comfortable) dress oxfords for less than a buck after tax.
  13. spiermackay

    SPIER & MACKAY - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hello Everyone. We would like to formally introduce ourselves to the SF Community. We are SPIER & MACKAY (www.spierandmackay.com), a Toronto, Canada based menswear outfit that caters to both Off-the-Rack as well as Custom Tailoring Needs. We founded the company on the driving principle...
  14. lowbudgetsnob


    What do you think of Barker shoes. Not Barker Black, please. I've heard the sizing is off; that they're not for every foot.
  15. kolesgit

    Are Aldo shoes the best you can get?

    Obviously not. I thought they will last for at least couple of months. One pair £80, they start to look like sh*** after 4 months of wearing 3 times a week. Second pair discounted £100 to 60 look horrible because of the cracking leather after wearing for 2 months 2 times a week. I was noy...
  16. AxlJack

    Thoughts on geox ?

    Just saw this pair of geoxs for sale http://www.shopgeox.com/Item.aspx?ProductID=3473 The shoes were probably the most comfortable i have ever worn. Concerned about longevity of shoe really, would like to be wearing them for at least the next 7 years ( once a week 3 km walk max) I know some...
  17. TopHatChef

    Anyone happy with itailor.com?

    I searched on here and found that some people have ordered shirts from itailor.com, but was wondering if anyone could really vouch for their quality, and really had any pictures of the shirts you've ordered. I'd love it if I could order such a custom shirt for so little. Most other bespoke...
  18. pg600rr

    Washing suede shoes in washing machine?? serious question on how to go about doing so...

    So I have a pair of N.D.C. suede shoes that have gotten some wear, I dig the worn roughed up look, and I know some of the casual type suede shoes come advertised as 'washed suede' I am assuming this process is done before the soles are attached... Anyway, I was thinking about throwing these in...
  19. iroh

    What do you guys think of Loake shoes?

    Seen the above video. How is the quality of Loakes? I am unfamiliar with the brand. How does Loake compare to the likes of Allen Edmonds, Alden, Crockett & Jones, and Gaziano & Girling?
  20. OinkBoink

    Just how bad is Jos A Bank?

    I used to have three pretty mediocre suits, but thanks to moths and mishaps, all three are gone. So now I'm suitless. Last week I was measured for a MTM fully-canvassed, charcoal grey, wool suit over at Hong Kong Tailors (in Atlanta) which I believe will come out pretty nicely based on others I...

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