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  1. ArchibaldLondon

    The Styleforum x Archibald Sneaker GMTO

    Hi SF community, We’ve got some pretty exciting news. We’ve been quite the obsessive sneakerheads for some time, and we’ve wanted to create the ultimate classic Italian leather sneakers for just as long. We’ve been tinkering with our own design for some time (making mistakes along the way) and...
  2. GazianoGirling

    Gaziano Girling Second GMTO Poll

    This poll will be ran for 7 days. As soon as any shoe reaches 6 interested people, we will open orders for it for a period of two weeks to give people plenty of time to decide in the colour. Normal pricing for Rothschild and Strand is £1480 including patina and trees (no VAT). Grendon is...
  3. S

    [GMTO] Zeb Shoes MTM Balmoral (Oxford) Boots

    Short Summary/ Basics: Model: Balmoral (Oxford) Boot Size: Made to Measure Designer/ Manufacturer: Bojan/ Zeb Shoes Materials: Calf Leather, Suede, or Both Combined (Your choice with more details below) Colours: Your choices out of the many available Cost: 30€ + 400€ + Shipping Order...
  4. S

    Triple Strap Jodhpur Boot GMTM - Now Open!

    I am currently organizing a GMTM (group made to measure) order for Triple Strap Jodhpur boots, made by Zeb Shoes. Background: The inspiration for this style comes from Zonkey boots. The benefit of participating in this GMTM is the following: a lower price point, made to measure construction, a...
  5. thatitalian

    GMTO - Carmina slipper style loafer

    Hi All, I have been in contact with Carmina about a group MTO and am looking for interested members who would be happy to participate. I have always been a big fan of Simon Crompton's (Permanent Style) Gaziano & Girling bespoke loafer, pictured below: As beautiful as they are I was not...
  6. GGSavileRow

    [Poll] Gaziano Girling I GMTO Model

    Hello Gentlemen, After your proposals, we believe it is the time to narrow down the options to what seems to suit the most. There seem to be discrepancies in the color department but worry not, we can work with that: Pine to patina is available. As patina is done individually, you wouldn't...
  7. mogili222

    SOLD ENZO BONAFE Whisky Shell Cordovan Jumpers, 363MOD last, 9UK

    For sale is a pair of Enzo Bonafe Whisky Shell Cordovan Jumpers, 363MOD last, 9UK. These come with lasted shoe trees. These were from a GMTO earlier this year. Only a few wears on these. Model: 3824 (modified) Plain Toe (no cap toe) Last: 363 MOD Size: 9UK Leather: Whisky Shell Cordovan...
  8. M2511

    AE GMTO Brown Shell Macneil 511 Edition

    Currently have a GMTO running and we need a few more people to get the ball rolling. It is approved as have all the details. They are as follows: BROWN SHELL MACNEIL 511 EDITION Pattern: Macneil Last: 511 Leather: Brown Shell Cordovan Lining: Independence Welt: Brown Reverse welt w/ matching...
  9. BurntPockets

    Tricker’s - 8.5UK Cipresso Shell Punch Cap Toe Derby Boots (from GMTO)

    Tricker’s – Punch Cap Toe Derby Boot in Cipresso Shell Cordovan 8.5UK Special custom made-to-order boots from Shoe Healer UK in Cipresso (Dark Green) Shell Cordovan Leather; lightly worn in good condition. Note that small parts of the shell cordovan are a bit rough, typical of Tricker’s shell...
  10. LA Guy

    Viberg x Styleforum GMTO - Round one for 2017

    After much discussion, we have the following makeups available for preorder, until midnight, Friday 15, 2017 PST. Links to the preorders for each of the models are below. Please enjoy! As usual, they will be truly epic. 1) The Styleforum Viberg Inaugural slipper...
  11. mogili222


    For sale is a pair of LIKE NEW Crockett & Jones Dundee, brown shell cordovan, 335 last, 8E UK The boots are in great shape except for the scratches on the tongue from the back of the speed hooks. These are a rare make-up purchased last year as part of a Styleforum GMTO and not a stock item...
  12. LA Guy

    Massdrop x Carmina Semi-Brogue Oxford

    I happy to be able to say that Styleforum is getting an exclusive on the new Massdrop x Carmina Adelaide Semi-Brogue Oxford A few of our members from our Carmina thread got to take an early look at the samples, and they'll be posting reviews shortly. We've worked for a while with Massdrop, and...
  13. LA Guy

    SNS Herning FW16 preorder thread - Styleforum official preorders

    Hey guys, Soren and I have been working together to bring you some (unprecedented) SNS Herning preorders of signature pieces from his FW16 line. The preorder itself will be for some pieces that really caught our eye in Paris. The collection "Overdrive" is inspired by the increasing pace of...
  14. LA Guy

    Stephan Schneider Styleforum Preorders are now open until noon, February 3.

    The Styleforum preorders for Stephan Schneider AW16 are up! http://www.styleforummarket.com/stephan-schneider-preorders-1/ Orders taken only until noon February 3, 2016. This season, we've decided to give our members and followers a chance to get in on the action that we're reporting on from...
  15. brillopad

    Massdrop x Styleforum x Panta Madder Tie GMTO (official collaboration)

    We're live!!! Thanks so much for your patience while we confirmed that all of these fabrics are available. We're ready to take preorders! Here is the link: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/panta-clothing-madder-tie Note that you will need a Massdrop account to participate (it just takes an...
  16. LA Guy

    Monitaly for Styleforum - the Darkseid collection, NOW AVAILABLE

    Monitaly for Styleforum double overdyed collection - Parka and six pocket pants for the very dark army Created from recycled army tent material and overdyed twice in black to create something completely new, this collection is exclusive to Styleforum and will never be found anywhere else...
  17. Leaves

    Gaziano & Girling St James II Cedar/Kudu GMTO

    Gaziano & Girling St James II Cedar/Kudu GMTO now open We are now accepting GMTO pre orders for this amazing style, based on a MTO we did recently. Limited availability as the Kudu Leather G&G uses is not abundant. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/gmto-deposit-st-james-ii-kudu-cedar
  18. LA Guy

    ORDER NOW! Viberg for Styleforum GMTO preorders Round1 - 2015 - Ends April 7.

    First round of Viberg for Styleforum GMTO boots of 2015. All the boots are now up for pre-order here: http://www.styleforummarket.com/viberg/ "Half Japanese": http://www.styleforummarket.com/the-half-japanese-145-oxford-full-payment-free-shipping-worldwide-preorders-taken-until-april-7/...

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