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Triple Strap Jodhpur Boot GMTM - Now Open!


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Oct 31, 2018
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I am currently organizing a GMTM (group made to measure) order for Triple Strap Jodhpur boots, made by Zeb Shoes.

Background: The inspiration for this style comes from Zonkey boots. The benefit of participating in this GMTM is the following: a lower price point, made to measure construction, a unique makeup, hand lasting and hand welting, and your choice of last (6 different last shapes available). Also, all foot widths can be accommodated, so if you have narrow or wide feet, you will still be able to participate.

Zeb Shoes is relatively new on the welted footwear scene, but their popularity if exploding. The company is run by Bojan Zebic, who located in Europe and has a true passion quality shoes. Their instagram is here. Multiple reviews can be found on r/goodyearwelt.


Design Details: Zeb and his team have figured out some details for this GMTM. Because this is a new design for them, the process of coming up with a sound design was quite involved.

Here is what they’ve come up with: Album

As you can see, the boots will still feature triple straps. The main difference between our boots and the boots they’re inspired by is some additional stitching (represented by the red lines in the pictures). This is required to accommodate hand lasting, and will serve to make our boots more original.

Makeups and Pricing: There will be three makeups:

  1. Suede - brown (mid brown; Mastrotto tannery) with a contrasting dark brown calf strap. One leather midsole, with a vibram outsole. I would suggest the vibram mini lug with a solid (non-lug) heel. Cost: 400 Euros + shipping
  2. Calf - A very dark blue with the following strap options: matching straps; a museum calf inspired handpainted strap; black straps (all from Carli tannery). One leather midsole, with a vibram outsole. I would suggest the same as above (vibram mini-lug with a solid non-lug heel). Cost: 430 Euros + shipping
  3. Shell Cordovan - Horween shell, either black or navy. The straps would be calf (from Carli tannery), most likely black. Same midsole and outsole suggestion as above. Cost: May be either 650 or 950 euros depending on which size of the horse butt is required for the boots. This cost will be known to us before we order, once Zeb does the prototyping process (more info on that below.)
Swatches for makeups #1 and #2.

Makeup #1 will look similar to this.

Each person may choose their own last from among Zeb’s lasts pictured here.

PROTOTYPING PROCESS: Because this boot will essentially be a new design from Zeb, and because we don’t want to go into it with our eyes closed, Zeb will make us a prototype. This helps Zeb as well, as he will know that the boot is structurally sound, and how much leather each boot will need (i.e. for shell cordovan.)

For those who want in on this GMTM, the prototyping cost will be split evenly among us, and is locked at at 300 Euros. Once we proceed to the next phase of ordering, whatever you contribute will count towards your cost of the boots. Even if you decide you don’t want the jodhpurs after all, Zeb will also allow you to apply your contribution towards the cost of any of his footwear. Again, the benefit of doing it this way is that we will be able to see exactly what we’re getting design-wise with no commitment and minimal loss.

This GMTM is currently posted on Reddit, and so far, 25 people have signed up. I wanted to open it up to you guys as well. I'm closing off this GMTM on Friday November 9th, 2018.

Additional notes/FAQ:
  1. I have very wide/narrow feet. Can I get in on this GMTM? Because these boots will be made to measure, any width foot can be accommodated.
  2. Is international shipping possible? Yes :)
  3. When will I get my boots? The prototyping phase is 1-2 months. After that, it's quick. About 3 weeks.
If you have any additional questions, I'm happy to answer!

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