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[GMTO] Zeb Shoes MTM Balmoral (Oxford) Boots


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Jan 9, 2019
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Short Summary/ Basics:

Model: Balmoral (Oxford) Boot

Size: Made to Measure

Designer/ Manufacturer: Bojan/ Zeb Shoes

Materials: Calf Leather, Suede, or Both Combined (Your choice with more details below)

Colours: Your choices out of the many available

Cost: 30€ + 400€ + Shipping

Order Size: 7 - 10 Total (2-5 more spots open)

Individual Boot Details/ Choices:

Leather: One or two (depending on if you want the upper and lower sections to be the same material/ color or not) of those posted in the link with the draft pictures.

Last: Any of Zeb’s lasts (which are linked to above), though some may be better suited to certain foot sizes.

Soles: Such as Leather, Topies, Vibram Eton (Looks like Dainite), or lug.

Sole Thickness

Colors of Details: Welt and Sole Side, Welt Tops.


Heel Height

Medallion: Yes/ No, and if you do want one which type/ shape.

Brouging: Yes/ No, and if so where: Captoe, Side Lines, Wingtip (Though wingtips will take a bit longer)

Zeb Shoes Instagram

Draft Images and Leather Choices

Side Note: They also now have burgundy pebble grain similar to the image. In addition to the leathers on the list.


Another Last

Reddit Post

Full Post:


I am putting together a GMTO for Balmoral boots from Zeb Shoes, and was wondering if anyone here would be interested. I posted it on Reddit earlier but thought I would open it up to those on here as well.

It started when I was talking with Bojan from Zeb Shoes about the possibility of getting a Balmoral/ Closed Lacing System boot. It turns out that he hasn't yet designed one. However he said he is willing to design one if people are interested, and came up with a rough idea for the design that he would make.

The order would be for ten of us, and we would split the 300€ prototype/ design cost between us, making it a 30€ cost per person along with the cost of the boots which would be 400€ + shipping. With the 30€ payable at the start for the model, and the rest once the model is completed and work starts on the individual boots.

The GMTO would be limited to 10 people, though we could proceed with just 7. By limiting it to 10, we would each be able to customize our own pair as far as the colours, and some of the details such as with or without a medallion, and type of sole.

It would take 1-2 months to make the model and then around 3 weeks to make the boots after the model is complete.

Because each pair is Made to Measure, as far as I know there are no size or width limits. This also means that they can be made to fit female sizes as well.

Provided we reach the number of people to place the order, the the next steps will be as follows:

  1. We send in the initial 300€ group (30€ each) payment for the prototype. Because there will be quite a lot of us Bojan has asked me to collect the 30€ from each person and then send the 300€ total to him as it is easier from a business perspective. Similar to what was done with the last GMTO that he held for the Jodhpur boots (though that was for/ run by someone else). So once we are confirmed and the sign up closed people can just send them to me via Paypal (or whatever method works best for each).

  2. Bojan will then make the prototype of the boot over the next couple months.

  3. Once it is completed. We look at the prototype and everyone who wants to proceed confirms it. The steps then turn into more individual ones for each of us rather than overall as a group.

  4. Each of us decide on our own personal choices for our boots/ the customizations listed above and fill out our personal Order Sheets, and Measurements. For those who have not ordered from Zeb before, the measurement process involves filling in a measurement form he sends by measuring multiple parts of your foot, as well as taking tracings that you then take photos of or scan. Bojan is extremely helpful with all of this by the way, including any questions about about the different options.

  5. Each person makes the remaining 400€ + shipping payment directly to Bojan/ Zeb using transferwise.

  6. Over the next approximately 3 weeks the boots are made.

  7. They are shipped express post and arrive at our houses.

  8. We enjoy our new boots.

Thank you for your time and possible interest. If anyone has any thoughts or questions feel more than free to share.


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Oct 27, 2009
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@Shinirup - I'm interested in those GMTO. Don't know anything about Zeb Shoes but will do some research to learn more.


New Member
Jan 9, 2019
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@Shinirup - I'm interested in those GMTO. Don't know anything about Zeb Shoes but will do some research to learn more.
@bsarosi Wonderful, let me know if you have any more questions and what you decide. We are ready to proceed, though we still have a few spots open before we hit the maximum. It would be great to have another person. I will be starting to gather everything up within the next couple days. Just wanted to let you know that you won't have to wait long for things to start rolling if you do decide to join us. Have a good day and thank you for your interest.

PS: You can find more info on them and reviews etc here: https://www.reddit.com/search?q=zeb shoes
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