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  1. J

    Thoughts on or experience with grey birdseye?

    I found this nice Oxxford suit jacket, but I'm concerned about the birdseye pattern of the fabric. Judging by the pictures, the fabric achieves the dark grey color seen from distance by contrasting a charcoal background with with white birdseye dots. What I'm wondering then, is how the fabric...
  2. Noirkw

    Drago - Brown & Green Check (60% WO/ 40% LI)

    For your consideration: Mill: Drago Color: Brown / Green checks Composition: 40% Wool 60% Linen Weight: ~270gsm Length: 2.2 yards (2m) x 2 (labels included) $300 for both cuts $150 per cut Shipping from Asia: 40-60 Alternatively, I will be in the following locations in Sep Zurich -> 3 -...
  3. ibbik2010

    Need advice for tailored wear

    Respected Seniors, I am average guy who weighs about 63-65 Kgs, broad shoulders, height is about 5.8 feet. I need help for my tailored suits. I have three fabrics; 1. Wool Checkered Suit fabric [[Width 1.54 meters (61 inches)], [Length 2.916 meters (114.8 inches)]] 2. Trevira+Wool Pin Stipe...
  4. Master Shake

    FINAL PRICE DROPS Various lengths (London Lounge, Minnis, Hunter's Tweed of Brora, etc.)

    I am clearing out some suiting and jacketing fabrics that I never got around to commissioning. The fabrics include London Lounge Brisa suiting fabrics as well as Minnis Fresco and Rangoon suiting fabrics. Pricing and description for each of the lengths are below (width of each is 60"). 1...
  5. Meitar Atias

    Silk and and cotton for Victorian (1840-1870) waistcoats

    Hello everyone :) I'm willing to make Victorian waistcoats that are historically accurate to the romantic era (mostly shawl collar with a true collar). I'm looking for fabric shops that own high-quality cotton and/or silk with nice patterns and textures that will fit the style of that era. I've...
  6. Franco Ocarez

    Blazer Stripes from Holland and Sherry

    Hello, From Chile, I am selling this fabric from the book Blazer Stripes by Holland and Sherry. They are vertical lines of orange and navy blue. Its composition is 70% Wool Worsted Super 120'S and 30% Teclana. Perfect for a summer blazer with metallic buttons. Dimensions: 2.2 meters. Price...
  7. TomFordStuff

    SUIT JACKETS | 1/3 LINED or 1/4 LINED?

    I recently bought a few suits from an outlet store, later to noticed the lining looked strange. I’ve attached 3 pictures: 1st, my existing jacket which I’m pretty sure is 1/2 lined. 2nd & 3rd, new jackets. The edges of the construction are exposed (Arrows in photo). Is this what a 1/3 or...
  8. C

    Blue fabrics shrink more than white fabrics (?)

    Hello guys, New member here, occasional lurker from Europe. I registered mostly to create this thread because I cannot helpful answers anywhere else. I don't think such a thread was already created, but apologies in advance if that's the case. Over the past three years I built up a decent...
  9. Spinster Jones

    Fabrics used in 1930’s?

    I want to have a suit made, but I don’t wanna spend cash on getting something that looks nice, but is of a light quality. The consesus on this forum seems to be to own lots of different pairs, and then rotate between them. I think that’s wasteful in this day and age. I’m interested in going for...
  10. whoisthis

    Humidity in the closet

    Whats the humidity you guys set in the closet ? It seems like right now it's at around 26% for me. I got a dyson humidifier+air purifier which goes as low as 30-40%. Is 40% humidity blowing right at the closet too high? I can feel the moisture coming out of the unit in my hand and it feels too...
  11. herbrand

    Rare Vitale Barberis Canonico Fabric Grand Cru Super 200's 3.6 meters

    Ebay auction 3.6 meters. + woven label and box It is one from only 60 coupons of this great fabric 100% Pure Italian Wool Super 200's Super 200’s To celebrate its 350 years of wool business, during the textile fair Milano Unica, the woollen mill has created a unique fabric, the Grand Cru...
  12. Roy_tem

    Help with finding a dress shirt

    Looking for a dress shirt with a specific look. I can only describe it as a smooth kind of fabric with a shiny or silky look and feel. Adding a link of one such shirt - https://www.amazon.com/Calvin-Klein-Non-Iron-Pincord-Shirt-13CK033/dp/B00VBRM4TG?th=1&psc=1 Can't find any shirts as this one...
  13. Roy_tem

    Help with finding a specific kind of fabric / dress shirt

    I'm looking for a specific kind of fabric or a specific kind of shirt and I can't seem to find any shirt who look like what I'm looking for. Got two reference images of more or less what I'm looking for, they both are a bit low quality but it's all I got. Hopefully you could work this out for...
  14. Tempoo

    Looking for a specific kind of suit fabric

    I'm looking to purchase my first serious suit. I don't know much about suits but I do know that I tend to like ones similar to those I posted down here. It seems to me that all of those suits have the same fabric, and so I figured that if I could find which kind material they're made of I could...
  15. helperplease

    I don’t know the name

    Hi I need help finding out the name of this material so I can get a suit jacket made. Please help I need it made in the next two weeks.
  16. Gentlemenclover


    For sale : If interested please contact me, for more details. Size base in 46/48. The length of the back is 76 cm, (measurement taken below the collar) the width of the chest about 48 cm, the width of the waist about 44,5 cm, the length of the sleeves about 64 cm. Very good condition of this...
  17. OrtizTrilla

    3.2m Scabal Chalkstripe Suiting

    For sale 3.2 meters for a suit Sample cloth looks darker than it is Scabal Classics 100% wool 360gr Perfect for a sharp business suit! Picture of a sample and a suit made into this (from Gus!! Brilliant!) 375€ shipped!
  18. emmonss1ozzie


    HI, I am looking to buy Alumo fabric specifically the Cashemerello line. I live in LA, CA in the USA and it seems very hard to find. When I contact the website I get nothing in response? Does anyone know how to contact or how to order? I know some tailors in Italy know how to order? Can anyone...
  19. E

    Loro Piana Dream Tweed Brown Plaid jacketing fabric

    Loro Piana Dream Tweed Extrafine Merino Wool brown plaid with blue overcheck. 320 grams, soft, thick and plush. Will make a terrific sportcoat that goes with almost anything. $65 a yard shipped.
  20. E


    Two more Zegna fabrics, these are the cream of the crop. 1. Zegna for Vacheron Constatin 51%cashmere/49%silk barleycorn. This a terrific, luxe fabric, appropriate for fall/winter sportcoats. I don't know the back story for this Zegna/Constatin collaboration but it would be a safe bet to say...

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