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Alden Burgundy Shell Cordovan Longwing

  • Material:
    Shell Cordovan
    Colors Available:
    Designed in the 1950s and virtually unchanged since then, this Shell Cordovan Longwing is lovingly called the "Gunboat." And with good reason - these shoes have serious heft, presence, and timeless style. The sturdy Double Leather sole is thick and substantial, and includes Alden's signature steel shank and natural cork filling for comfort & stability. The intricate brogueing runs along the entire length of the shoe - therefore giving it the name "Long Wingtip" or "Longwing." The upper is all genuine Horween Shell Cordovan - which is described in detail in the next section. With its substantial last and traditionally rounded toe, these shoes are excellent as dress or casual pieces. Many of our customers pair them with jeans and casual pants, and they especially shine with navy & charcoal wool suiting. Make no mistake - the Gunboat is a serious shoe, and will consistently polish up your outfits for years to come.

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  1. ppith
    I ended up getting some thin silk dress socks (almost transparent when you hold them up to the light). On eBay, they're called Bamboo Fiber Casual Dress Socks. They are so thin it's almost like not wearing socks at all. Now my shells are a little loose, but I was wearing the laces loose. I think if I tighten them they'll be perfect! Now that I've tried the Barrie last on one end and the Hampton last (see my review of Alden Snuff Suede Short Wings from Leather Soul) here is what I think about sizing:
    thin silk socks - Barrie Last 6E (stretched)
    regular dress socks - Barrie Last 6.5D
    thin silk socks - Hampton Last with Flex Welt 7D (no stretch)
    regular dress socks - Hampton Last with Flex Welt 7.5D (no stretch)
    I bet somewhere in the "middle" of Alden's lasts I'm a 7D with regular dress socks. Does anyone else here wear a full size difference in Alden? I guess I have somewhat wide feet so I don't want my small toes to rub. For another reference, I have a pair of Cole Haans in a size 8D, but I probably could have sized down to 7.5D.
  2. KenjiKen
    Excellent review! Shell Cordovan really is top of the line!
    Once they break in- I swear they will be the
    best shoes you get!
  3. fros7
    Nice. Those are the exact ones that I am looking for.
  4. 3dials
    Thanks for the tips. Considering some AEs myself (can't afford Aldens yet)!
  5. ppith
    Yeah, I agree! Now that I know I'm a 6E in the Barrie last I hope to find out someday which size I can wear in the other lasts.
  6. Man with Apple
    Nice review! The Alden Shop in San Francisco is fantastic.

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