FAQ & Tutorials

Start with the FAQ and see if your question is answered there. We've covered a range of topics, from how to change your password to details on how tags work.

Your questions may also be answered in one of our Tutorials:
  • Community Profile Tutorial - learn how to edit your Community Profile, edit Your List, change your avatar, edit your Account Details, and change your password.
  • Discussion Forum Tutorial - learn how to start a new thread, reply to a post, reply with a quotation, edit your post, report posts, etc.
  • Article Tutorial - learn what Articles are, how to create a new article, edit an existing collaborative article, revert an article to a previous version, and report articles.
  • Review Tutorial - learn how to write a review and edit your reviews.
  • Messaging Tutorial - learn how to send private messages and organize your PMs.
  • Subscription Tutorial - learn how to add subscriptions, edit your subscriptions, and change your subscription settings.
  • Image and Video Tutorial - learn how to add images and videos to your forum posts and articles.
  • Add a New Item Tutorial - learn how to add a new item to the database, as well as how to edit existing gear pages with images, links, descriptions, and more.
  • Tagging Tutorial - learn how to tag your forum posts and articles to make them easier for other members to find.
  • Search And Advanced Search Tutorial - learn how to use the basic search mode and the advanced search mode to find the forum threads, products, reviews, and articles you're looking for.
  • Following And Followers Tutorial - learn about following users to keep up with all their great content.

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