Rules for B&S forum:

Please make sure to read and familiarize yourself with the rules for the buying and selling forum to ensure that you have a good time.

Please note that there is a 45 day waiting period after registration to use the forum, but that you can bypass this temporarily by buying a premium membership (see FAQ).

General guidelines:
  1. Please be respectful of your fellow members. Do not use profanity on in these listings, and please do not sabotage any seller threads. If you have serious concerns about a seller, please email us at
  2. We will not, as a policy, become involved in any disputes between sellers and buyers. However, please note that your participation on the forum is a privilege, not a right, and that your privileges may be revoked if there are serious, legitimate complaints about you, and especially if there are complaints from multiple members.

  1. Only one item per listing, with one exception:
    a. Multiple items may be listed in a single listing for low priced items in the same specific category (for example, ties, scarves, pocketsquares). Items grouped this way must be in the same specific category (e.gties, scarves, bracelets) and individual items must be no more than $25 shipped CONUS. The list price must be the price of the most expensive item in the listing. New items may NOT be added to the listing after the listing has been submitted. This special provision is intended to allow sellers of low priced items to sell their items without incurring burdensome costs.
  2. Please provide detailed, descriptive titles for your listing.
  3. Full descriptions of item must be listed.
  4. You may provide links to your other, active listings. However, you will be expected to keep this current. However, please note that this is not necessary, as your listings will appear automatically in the right hand margin.
  5. You may link to an Ebay or other auction site, but are only one link, and only to the same, crosslisted item. No general solicitations to browse Ebay stores or any external webstores is allowed. However, you may still have links to Ebay stores in your signature file.
  6. Please do not delete any information, including images or selling price, at any time, including when you close your thread. Simply choose “close thread”.
  7. A set price must be listed. You may be open to offers, but a set price must be listed regardless

  1. You are strongly encouraged to leave seller feedback. Please leave respectful feedback. Any feedback with profanity will be deleted. If you are not the buyer, kindly do not leave feedback. If you do so, you may be subject to serious penalties.
  2. Please do not list any payment terms that are against the terms of service for any other website. For example, please do not ask for “personal payments,” from Paypal.

Please be sure to follow these simple rules. Any abuse of the system
may result in your privileges to use Styleforum to be revoked, and/or
a fine of no less than $500 USD.

Please email any questions or concerns to

Enjoy the system.