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Mar 8, 2006
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    1. bamboo
      Question. Block Users function stopped working. I chose the user and pushed Block Member Button but it does not appear on my blocked memberlist. In the past, I could use the feature without problem and I am doing the same procedure as before.
    2. iconologist
      Question: I'd like to upload a PDF of a 5,000-word item I wrote about bespoke tailoring and shoemaking in Vienna. Is there a way to do this? Format is kind of critical here.
    3. Brooklyn Best
      Brooklyn Best


      you can erase new accnt BROOKLYN

    4. Brooklyn Best
      Brooklyn Best
      Please help me
      I dont have access to an old email address
      and i cannot get into my account
      Name is Brad Faden 561.571.1000
      Brook Lyn is my name
      please email me instructions to
      [email protected]
      PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!
    5. nillam
      Dear Sir,

      How can i edit my own thread ?

    6. overblue
      My email to [email protected]' seem to fail. is there a telepone number to reach sf?
    7. Amantedelibros
      I came here to check on the post I wrote "European Master Tailor" and it no longer exists. Why? Where did it go and why? Quite frankly, I'm ticked off about this. As a loyal customer of Francesca Childress, I posted in good faith and even told her I'd done so, much to her delight.

      I would like an explanation of why this post was removed, especially after I saw that some guy in Sweden posted an equally complementary post about her. Seems to me there was nothing inappropriate about any of the posts I saw on this thread. There's still evidence of my thread and posts on my account page, but when I hit posts, I'm told there are none and when I hit thread, it's there. What's going on?

      I chose Styleforum in which to post my opinion because it appeared to me to be a class act compared to some other cheesy sites. I hope I wasn't mistaken
    8. MetalGuru
      Hello, I created a thread called WTB - Engineered Garments Herringbone Landsdown and Baker Jacket's (Medium) in what I hoped would be the Streetwear B&S forum, without clearly grasping there was a vetting procedure in place that prevents newbies from posting there.

      Can I ask you to please delete my thread?

      I understand why you might have a procedure like this in place, but I don't have the time and if I'm honest the inclination to be vetted in this manner simply to purchase a jacket (no matter how beautifully tailored).

      This forum is brilliantly curated, but I find this kind of grail quest user experience off putting. Thanks for your help with this!

    9. 23442
      Why was my previous account banned? Please PM me back seeing how I am unable to message your account for some reason.
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