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    I love winter. There are those who flee to warm places, and there are others who follow the ski season. I have never been one for beaches, and I’m no good on a snowboard. My friend told me, “It’s like riding a skateboard,” but then I nearly broke my hip. At 38-years old, that would not be a good look.

    Instead, I like Europe, and particularly Tuscany, in winter. It’s not bracingly cold – and growing up in Canada, I’ve had enough bracingly cold winters – nor is it some tropical resort to which I have no affinity or love. It’s a thinking-man’s kind of weather: frost in the mornings, giving way to brisk afternoons and cool evenings that make a warm fire inviting, but not so cold that going out for dinner is a chore.

    Thus, for a thinking-man’s winter, here are just enough clothing options (socks and underwear excluded) to last you a weekend in a place like Florence, Italy – just make sure to go before or after the madness of the Pitti shows.
    Let’s start with a jacket. Giorgio Armani said that this was the foundation of a man’s wardrobe, and, while you can debate this, for a winter vacation you are going to need a proper cover-up. Quilted jackets and double breasted jackets are both on trend right now, but they don’t always come together as well as the Veneto double-breasted sportsjacket from Epaulet ($1200) in quilted wool. Also, it will fulfill the tiresome “jacket required” rules if you absolutely have to patronize such an establishment.

    For her, the Japanese company Nooy makes a beautiful and delicate “Bird jacket” available at Modern Appealing Clothing in San Francisco, $945.
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  1. demian19003
    mm..well, let me tell you, it's cold! Ive lived here for many years and have traveled over 30 countries, and even Prague in winter feels warmer than here. Even the tram in Budapest uses the braking system to heat the trams well!
    The humidity here simply makes it go straight through you, and I, living within an 18thC palace, marble floors and fresco ceiling, is like an old church!
    So, fwiw, it ain't Siberia, but be prepared! (smile)

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