One particular brand has captured Styleforum’s collective imagination: S.N.S. Herning, a Danish company specializing in seaworthy knitwear. One specific model is a high neck cardigan with an insulating bubble knit called the “Stark.” I have two, and I wear them everywhere, all the time. As a result, they come with me on vacation. The Stark is super tough - I have worn mine through actual brush, and hardly gotten a snag - and the best $275 you will spend if you want to pretend that you’re a Norwegian fisherman, if necessary.

If you are looking for something a bit softer and made from less than the 1.2 kg of wool used in the Stark cardigan (as SNS Herning advertises prominently), this Hardie cardigan ($395) from Epaulet is made from soft lambs wool. If you are feeling particularly cutesy – well, the size goes down to 32, which means that you can match with your significant other, who will probably think that is super cheesy but will probably also sort of like it. You can also match your teenage son, who will never forgive you.

The Nudie cardigan ($285) with the orange accents is probably the one he will try to steal, so that may be the reason it’s not in your luggage.
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