Become a Styleforum Product Reviewer Today!

The Styleforum Product Reviewer Program is designed to get feedback from our members to help business owners and brands learn what we like and dislike about their products and services.

Being a Styleforum Product Reviewer is a great way to:
  • Get new products to try out
  • Have your voice heard and have a positive impact on the way products are created and marketed
  • Get special offers that are exclusive to the Styleforum Product Reviewer
  • Meet other Styleforum men who are as passionate as you are

As a Styleforum Product Reviewer you will be expected to:
  • Review products, participate in surveys and contribute to focus groups
  • Respond to Styleforum Product Reviewer communication in a timely manner
  • Be polite and courteous with your feedback – we encourage honest discussion but we want to make sure it’s constructive and good-natured
  • Be discreet with any sensitive information that is disclosed to you such as a new product that has not yet been released

How can you get “in”, you ask? There are a few criteria. You must be:
  • An active member of the community
  • Accessible, articulate, trustworthy and able to communicate your opinions effectively and with good detail
  • Able to commit to sampling a product and leaving a review, completing a survey or participating in a focus group within 10 days of receiving the product.

Want to become a Styleforum Product Reviewer? Just complete the questionnaire and we'll be in touch if you are selected!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Styleforum Product Reviewer Program?
You can apply to join the program by selecting the “Apply” link above and completing the questionnaire. The Styleforum Product Reviewer team will review your application and we’ll be in touch within 2 weeks if you get selected to join the program.

How do you select Program participants?
We select Program participants from the most active and engaged members of our community. We look at a number of factors, including but not limited to a candidate’s historical reviews on, their general level of community participation, the clarity and quality of content they’ve posted on the site, and their level of respect within the community.

How will I know if I’ve been selected to become a Styleforum Product Reviewer?
After you’ve applied, the Styleforum team will review your application. If you’re selected we’ll be in touch within two weeks. You’ll receive a link to the private Styleforum Product Reviewer forum and can start posting to the General forum immediately.

How will I know if I’ve been accepted to participate in a particular Styleforum Product Reviewer offer?
If you’ve been chosen, you will receive a message with further instructions. We ask that you respond to all product-sampling offers within three days. If you are not interested or will not be able to fulfill the responsibilities of any particular product sampling, please respond promptly so we can offer your sample to another Product Reviewer. Refusing a sample will not hurt your chances of receiving an offer in the future.

Will I ever be charged for the samples or have to send them back?
No, you will never be charged for a sample and you will never have to send them back, they’re yours for you to enjoy!

Am I expected to only write positive reviews?
Absolutely not. We are looking for your honest feedback about the products you review. We do, however, ask that you conform to the posting guidelines included in the Styleforum Product Reviewer Program Terms of Participation.

Will participants be paid?
No. Program participants are not paid for their participation.

Do I get anything for participating in a program?
The main reward of being a Styleforum Product Reviewer is having your voice heard and knowing that you are helping to create better products. However, if a particular offer includes a sample then you always get to keep the sample. For focus groups or surveys there will likely be contests where you can win great prizes too.

Do I have to purchase the products that are provided to me for review?
No. The products and product samples are provided by sponsoring vendors who are interested in receiving feedback on their products from’s active and engaged community. They value your feedback and believe that receiving it will help them to improve their product offerings.

What can I do to increase my odds of sampling more products?
The best way to increase your odds is to participate in the General Styleforum Product Reviewers forum and more broadly in the Styleforum community. To increase your odds of continuing to receive products please respond to all product-sampling requests in a timely manner and with thoughtful, helpful feedback.

Will I be receiving products for review before they are released to the general public?
Some of the products offered for review as part of the Styleforum Product Reviewer Program may be pre-release products, but this is not guaranteed.

Will Sponsoring Vendors be able to contact me directly?
No. Your product reviews will be submitted directly to and sponsoring vendors will not be routinely provided with your contact information. If a sponsoring vendor does request contact with you we will seek your explicit personal consent prior to providing your contact information.

Can the sponsoring vendor use my feedback or review?
Yes. Pursuant to the Styleforum Product Reviewer Program Terms of Participation you are providing and the sponsoring vendor with a license to use all or any part of the review content you submit in connection with your review of the sponsoring vendor’s product. This license does include the right to use the user name you submit in connection with your review. Generally, your feedback will be used internally by sponsors to influence how they create products. But sponsors do reserve the right to use quotes or images from focus groups or surveys in their advertising on the website and in other materials.

Can I participate if I live outside the US?
Unfortunately, right now we can only accept Styleforum members living with the 48 contiguous US states. We hope to open an international application soon!

Please see our Terms of Participation here.