Pullover sweaters are probably the best travel clothes. They don’t wrinkle, provide much needed comfort on a long flight, and the TSA will – as of now, at least – still allow you to wear them through security (Band of Outsiders, $280 and Rag&Bone, $450.) When she is traveling with you, she can cozy up and lean on you, a great feeling.

It’s also nice if you are wearing something soft so she can snuggle against you, like these medium weight S.N.S. Herning pullovers. They’re both durable (useful when you are traveling) and comfortable (S.N.S Herning Crew Neck in Army and S.N.S Herning Crew Neck in Blue, $170 apiece).

A sweatshirt that actually fits and does not belong in the locker room $115, will also do.
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