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LS Ranger Shoe
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Originally Posted by Hermitedge View Post

Can someone confirm that Ravello is gonna start to appear again in a year. Had some loot set aside for the WT or CT boot, but the well is definitely running dry from the looks of it.

Not sure that anyone can confirm this with certainty, although we would all wish it to be true.  Frankly, I think many were surprised to see this recent burst of Ravello out of the factory, given that many retailers were saying around August Ravello would be impossible to find for the next 18+months.


But what do I know, I only became aware of Alden less than 2 years ago.

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Silly Question:  I just ordered some cedar shoe racks from woodlore, and was going to keep them in my room so that I can stare at my shoes all day long.  Will my shell shoes get faded from the light, even if not in direct sunlight? or do they need to be kept in a dark closet with no light at all to avoid fading?


I suspect that they will be okay as long as they are not in direct sunlight, as nothing else in my house has faded in such a way, but thought I would check to be sure.

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Gentlemen, if I may make one last announcement, Moulded Shoe is invoicing the deposits for the Modified Last Kudu Indy.  There is still some time is anyone else would like to join the order.  Please PM for more information.


Thank you.

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Originally Posted by str1185 View Post

Just came in today! My first pair of Alden shell cordovan. The Cigar Indy boot! I just wanted to share and thank you guys on the forum for posting such great info. These fit great, and look amazing.
Wish list:
Ravello cap toe boot
Whiskey longwings
I know I'm looking for unicorns, but if anyone spots them please send me a pm. I hope you all have a nice week.

wear your cigar indy in good health
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Originally Posted by MickCollins1916 View Post

I didn't want to post about this until I had some results to report, but now that I do...
I have complained ad nauseam about how poorly LHS have fit me over the years, but that I have kept trying them. Seems silly, but they LOOK so comfortable that I keep getting suckered in. My last foray into that shoe led me to buy a ravello pair and employ a vamp raiser. Close, but no dice, had to sell them.
However, emboldened by the purchase of the vamp raiser - and the receipt of several gift cards, and the ability to employ my corporate discount, making them (relatively) cheap - I bought a pair of the Brooks unlined LHS in #8. Yes, I am stubborn as hell.
I used the Mac method to break them in, and slowly stretched the vamp using said vamp raiser (and generously applied stretching fluid)...with fantastic results! I love them. Super comfortable, and they've gotten moreso with each subsequent wear.

thank you for posting
enjoy wearing in good health
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Originally Posted by sazon View Post

An early mornin cigar

good looking cigar
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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post

maiden voyage for my Alden SF, Ravello LWB today...

wear in good health you gunboats
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Originally Posted by Don L View Post

Newly restored and just Mac method shined #8 Monks
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

looking good
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Originally Posted by CTYGGG View Post

Whiskey Indy

looking good in your whiskey
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Those (Alden cigar boots in brogue above) are the best looking Alden boots I have ever seen.  Where did you get them?


I just received two pair of Alden boots, an 11.5E Cigar Captoe with commando soul and a 12E Color#8 Captoe.  I am trying to decide which to keep, more due to fit.  The colors of the two are almost identical and I am told that the Cigars are coming in very dark.  These boots are much darker than my four other Cigar Aldens.


A shout out to the folks at Alden of DC.  This is the second time they sent me two pair to try for size while only charging for one pair.  I got a rare pair of Ravello Longwings and stuck with the 11.5E and they have turned out to be the most comfortable Aldens I have ever worn.  I was told the Barrie last would fit long, but I wear an 11.5e in all my other Aldens and these fit great.


I will try and post a few pictures tomorrow when the light is better.

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Bucho: Hope you're speaking of my Cigar WT boots above...If not, I guess I'm going to look like the buffoon.

Thank you for your compliment.

Those boots are from Epaulet (Spring/Summer 2012). They are on the Barrie last but for some reason they seem to me to look a bit more narrow and less bulky than my other Barrie last shoes.
I have only wore them 5-7 times but the variations in the cigar shell are already quite nice. I did some mac-methoding on them last night, with a touch of Venetian shoe cream and they shined so nicely.
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AoC #8 plain toe boot, Trubalance last.

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Black cap toes on a particularly dreary Seattle day

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
shell on a rainy day with no Alden defender - oh the humanity!
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What's the best CXL selection in everyone's opinion?  Don't care if it's shoe or boot.  In other words, which Alden model best shows off the attributes/beauty of CXL?  And CXL or Natural CXL?


I know there's no single answer, just looking for opinions.  


In the market for a pair and not sure what to get...



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