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I agree with the others (some of them anyway) that brown is the way to go.  I used to have a pair of "Nantucket Red" cords (which are either a shade of pink or lightish red, depending on your perspective) with which I normally paired either boat shoes or LL Bean blucher mocassins-- it was a great look.  I'd think bright red with a lighter shade of brown would work very well.  As for when to wear the cords, I could see wearing them. . . at Christmastime; but also for fall/winter gatherings with neighbors; holiday-season evenings out with my wife; a Saturday afternoon walking around Georgetown or Annapolis.  In my book, clothes like that go into the "country club" category -- if you dress "old school" preppy, you'll be fine.
Apol's for semi-hijack. re: Nantuck reds. I was sorry to see that they are now imported. Have you bought a pair recently? How are they and how do they hold up? ON their site, I saw them. I recall them not being as faded years back as now.
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Horace, the only Nantucket red clothes I have now are shorts, from Paul Stuart. Made of heavy cotton, canvas-like (duck?) fabric. I'll wear 'em 'til they're threadbare. I think they're either made in the US or Canada. "I like them, but when will I ever wear them" is a from time to time lament I have when considering something like red cords or blue ones with lime green frogs, or similar "country club" clothes. Thus, those wild(er) items are few in my wardrobe these days. As for what kind of shirt to wear with red cords, I'd say go with navy blue -- either a cashmere sweater or a casual (faded, ideally) IZod/Polo golf shirt.
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If you're going to go with what some suggested (black shoes), then you might as well take it all the way and do a black shirt or sweater. With brown shoes, I'd go with shades of cream, off-white, beige, etc. Did they make the matching jacket?
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Shoes aside, what does one wear with bright-red cords? I have a heavy-gauge polo sweater the exact same color as my pair; when I feel like a bit more contrast, ivory, light gray or powder blue crew or turtleneck sweaters also work well. Interestingly, too, whereas shades of gray or brown must be carefully matched, I find that vivid colors surprisingly neutral in that they can be paired successfully with garments of virtually any other hue.
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re: Nantuck reds.  I was sorry to see that they are now imported.  Have you bought  a pair recently?  How are they and how do they hold up?  ON their site, I saw them.  I recall them not being as faded years back  as now.
  More hijacking. I bought a pair of Reds shorts from Murray's Toggery Shop last summer; ordered over the phone. I was disappointed. I had a pair as a kid (don't remember them at all, just pics). The ones I bought last year were canvas-ish, I think all cotton, and I had thought made in the US. However, they were kind of flimsy, the stitching was weak and the seams barely finished; the back center seam even gapes a little. Even so, I figured they were the source, so I called back an inquired about embroidered shorts/pants. They said that theirs (which approached $100 in price) were a mostly poly poly/cotton blend. Better off going with Brooks' new reds and embroidereds. Am I the only guy rockin threadless ts in winter and sporting reds in the summer? On the pants, I guess flip flops are not an option? Can't believe I'm saying that... EDITED for clarity.
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I once saw a man wearing those very slippers while in line at the pharmacy. It looked really odd, as though he were in one of those nightmares where you leave home to go to work and then realize you are naked, if that makes any sense.
I've had that nightmare before. What about going to school naked but on a tricycle for some reason..
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Shoes aside, what does one wear with bright-red cords?
Pink shirt, blue double-breasted blazer with Service buttons and pocket-handkerchief - and bright pink socks, of course. White shirt, cravat, blue and white striped boating blazer, and monocle - I will have to try and find the photo. Incidentally, wearing slippers out of doors and in public generally gives the impression that the wearer has absconded from some sort of institution.
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