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Tailored-for-you shoe reaction

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I posted this another forum but they have been havibg a few problems, curious if anyone out there has any thoughts....A few month's ago, prior to finding this incredible site I purchased a pair of "bespoke" shoes (there words not mine). I approached it with the attitude that it was probably way too good to be true but the $400 wasn't more than what I normally spend on various production shoes like Ferragamo, Allen Edmonds, Santoni, Gucci etc.. and it might not turn out to bad. Well after reading the mixed review and reading about true bespoke shoe makers I started to prepare my self for the worst. After close to 6 weeks I inquired about the progress of my shoes. There response time for e-mails and ability to answer all questions directed towards them is very poor. Usually took 3 e-mails before I would receive back a very brief response. On Jan 27th they responded saying that they were just about done creating my last and the shoes would ship out mid Feb. and I would have a tracking # before they went out. Well they showed up on my doorstep Feb. 6th... Before I even opened the box I was highly suspect figuring it would be pretty close to impossible to finish a last, create a shoe and have it arrive in the USA in less than 10 day's. Well I am not really sure what to think now. The shoes look okay, nothing really special almost cheap. The leather is very soft and heavily creased already from 10 mins of wear. The fit, while it is comfortable does not seem any better than most of the shoes I listed above. The shoe laces seem cheap. However the inside of the shoe appears very well made. When I inquired about the creasing they responded that it was calf skin and was very high quality and the creases were a sign of that. The best kind of description I can give is they remind me in a sense of my father's Rockport's only with a leather sole. I have a digital camera and can e-mail pictures but have no clue how to post them? Any comments would be great. I fully understand that I took a risk and perhaps I should not expect much for $400. Are there any signs I can look for to determine if this is indeed a well made bespoke shoe from a custom last? Or as I suspect they are taking orders sitting on them for a few month's and shipping off a regular mass produced shoe that fits within the customers parameters? Thanks for any input in advance
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Who made the shoes/took the measurements for the last?
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Mike_F: I believe tailored-for-you sends a measuring kit for you to self-measure. Scott_V: I would be interested in seeing pics. There are poeple here who may be able to give you some assessment of the shoe's quality based on these images. You can sign on for an account at and upload your images for linking on this forum. (caveat: due to the fact that HTML is not allowed on this forum, you can only post links to the pics, and not post the images directly in the post). Alternatively, you can contact me for an email address and I will host them for you.
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MikeF, they send you a mold kit and you take a few measurements too using there diagram. TimelessRider, thanks for the offer. e-mail sent...
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Weird looking leather. Looks comfy but not very durable. Could it be baby calf? But that's usually more expensive than calfskin. I also think using a softer leather allows them to get away with only having an approximate fit. Do you think you'll order form them again? I'm guessting you could do better at $400 with RTW unless you're really hard to fit.
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Your shoes are what they call "comfort shoes". A very broad toe shape and (I believe) laminated leather. In shoe making you have to strike a balance between softness and body (to hold a shape) of the leather. Take soft, glove type leather, which in itself would collapse if moulded into a shoe, and back it with a layer of felt or foam (usually sprayed on) it becomes laminated. It also might be the case (but that can be the flash) the leather is "coated" with a layer of plastic to hive it that high gloss sheen. Put it down to experience, put the shoes down in the cupboard, and one day when you are eighty you might be very grateful for a really comfortable pair of shoe. Until that time, new shoes have to be more than just tried on: they have to be touched, sniffed and licked. (Well, not sure about the last suggestion).
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Timelessrider, Thanks again for hosting those pictures for me. I don't think I will place another order in the future.Not that shoes are all that bad, they are rather comfortable but I can't help thinking they lied to me. I kow it was the risk I took and in the long run it could have been a lot worse. However I doubt they were made from a wood last and I think your 100% right when you said the soft leather helps them get away with an approxamite fit. Not sure they are that well made and will hold up very long. bengal-stripe, great isight into the shoe making process. I think your correct that it is a very soft leather laminated to some sort of felt/foam. Comfort or walkinf shoes is exacttly what came to mind when I opened the box. The flah does make them look as if they are coated in plastic much more than in real life but they do appear in certain light to almost look fake or plastic. It was a learning experience and I am sure I can do much better in the RTW level of shoes in the $400 range. Sometime this week I will express my concerns to tailored-for-you and see how (if) they respond. I look foward to reading any and all reactions. Scott
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I don't quite understand how you paid $ 400, on German eBay the "buy it now" price is 218 Euro, which is at today's rate $ 280. (God, only a year or two ago, did the Euro run below the Dollar). The problem with the site is that the pictures are not of their own actual production, but lifted from all over the place. I presume most of their clients have feet problems caused by arthritis, gout or diabetes and are not on the lookout for shoes to compare with Green or Lattanzi. The general tenor of the feedback (although a few seem to have given feedback after the measuring kit, but before the shoes arrived) is quite favourable on the fit but some disappointment on the finish and craftsmanship. Nicest one: "Expected a **** hotel, got a **one". I don't think you'll have much luck with your complaint. They supplied you with a pair (of sorts), fitting well (sort of). How could they have known that you really lusted after a pair of John Lobb's? Yes, the likes of you with reasonable average feet, will be better off with Alden or Ferragamo or whoever; $ 400 buys a nice shoe, even at full price. But for someone who really has problems with his feet, what does he care about the look. It might be preferable to wear shoes that look like hell, but feel like paradise, than vice versa. Of course, the likes of AHarris, jcusey and yours truly have the best of both worlds: one day when we're old and decrepit and only flannel slippers will fit, we can send loving glances to the Edward Green shoes on the wall shelf and say: "There was a time, I got into those."
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bengal-stripe, they were $310 U.S. on the web page when I purchased them, another $36 for the oak pit cured sole's and finally a higher intial shipping cost to ship the kit to the U.S. and than the shoes... Perhaps I mistated my intent. I am sure a complaint will go nowhere but I am interestead in how they will answer a few quality concern questions...
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