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Shoe scuffed badly

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I had the misfortune today of slipping down half a flight of stairs, even though I didn't shine my soles... Anyway, besides getting a dinner-plate size bruise on my upper hip, which earned me a few weird looks at the swimming pool (yeah, speedo), I managed to scuff the upper of my left shoe REAL bad, I mean parts of it are totally stripped and the leather looks as though it were grated, which it was. I tried shoe cream with little success. Any thoughts?
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Did the shoe cream (the one in the bottle) colour the scuffed parts? If it did not, keep reapplying or use a sightly darker cream. Afterwards (when the scuffed area is coloured), use wax polish (the tinned stuff) and follow A.Harris' method of "spit shining" . That shoud minimize the damage.
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You could also drop off the shoe at Shoe Service Plus. They've done a pretty reasonable job on some gouges I've put in my shoes on bad days. They use something other than shoe cream -- maybe some dye or something, but it's held up well and looks fine on my shoes. dan
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Thanks, gents. I tried sevral shades of brown before I got any coverage at all. I think I can get the coloration right, and I will follow T4phage's advice about wax polish maybe it will help hide the scuff marks better. I this doesn't help - Shoe Service Plus is but a few blocks away... BTW, these are Pelusos which I got on sale. Not the best of shoes, but quite decent, and I wouldn't want them ruined.
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send me a pic of the problem, i might be able to help or add some ideas, chris info@benniesshoes.com
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