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Originally Posted by amirrorcrackd View Post
If you don't have anything productive to contribute, why bother? I posted the hotel link for proximity information, not to be criticized.


I couldn't care less where you stayed, but you did ask what could be wrong with such a hotel. Sorry you didn't like my answer, but as you said, the importance of spending time outside of the hotel room renders the point moot.
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That's how I remember Kolonaki from the 80s too. The other top place is the ice cream shop that serves parfait on Doukididou in Kalamaki shops just off the Sygrou(?) main drag where it hits the seaside. I liked Voula too at night especially the American style bars.
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For restaurants I had good luck wandering around an interesting area until I saw one which looked non-touristy with a bunch of locals, then going in, finding out there was no menu either English or Greek, and just ordering whatever everybody else was having (most of these restaurants seem to have a limited nightly menu) along with a 0.5l beer. It always worked out.

The one lousy meal I had was in a touristy area where I was forced to eat at a restaurant with a guy hawking it from the street...and where they had an English menu too.
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