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Accessorizing tan suit for summer wedding

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Preface: I have searched around and read many posts about summer wedding suits, but could still use some advice on accessorizing.

I am getting married this summer, and it is going to be a small, outdoor affair. I bought a BB Fitzgerald suit with the pattern shown below, and am wearing it with dark brown, perforated cap-toes. I am also wearing a white, spread collar, french cuff shirt.

I would like to dress this up with a pocket square, but this is my first foray into pocket squares. I have not decided on the tie yet, but have been looking for a paisley print with elements of brown (to highlight the brown deco pattern in the suit) and light blue/teal to add some color. What kind of pocket square should I be looking for? I was thinking about a plain white with a colored border to highlight the colored element of the tie.

Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome.
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Plain white or plain white with a border is probably the best play. They're pretty cheap for good quality from Kent Wang, so you can always pick up a couple and test them out.

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Congrats on the wedding.

Plain white linen is always safe. Plain white with a border can work too, but make sure the border does not match or pretend to match the tie; pocket squares are supposed to complement the tie and oufit, not match identically. If you want a more exotic print, I'd check out Sam Hober. David does lovely work with his ties and pocket squares and is extremely helpful.
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Congratulations. A cream coloured square may be worth consideration with that fabric. A more traditional wedding tie might be nice if you're not dead set on paisley, but may not best fit the casual tone (I assume) you're going for.
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