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Bridal leather discolored? Solution?

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I have a thick bridal leather briefcase, several yrs old.  I wanted to clean it, you know from the everyday dirt, etc. there was a patch on the front that was dark- looked like dirt was wedged in the light creases of the tan leather.


Upon cleaning it with stubben's leather cleaner and then the stubben Hamanol I have found that this has only enhanced and grown the area to everywhere there was some creasing pressure (because the leather is quite thick) now I can see full on veins of dark (it did get lighter after it dried and I did try a spot on the inside bottom first, no problem- also there was no creases or places where it ever got bent)


Not a super big fan of the distressed look for business- am I being a internet anal retard about this or will it go away or can I fix it?


(neatsfoot oil- and just kill the current color?)






(love this forum, never have I learned so much about what only a fraction of the world cares about- thanks in a good way)

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It's called patina. The oils from you hand are probably rubbing in and darkening it. Oiling it with just about anything will darken it, including neatsfeet oil. That will help preserve the leather though.

A lot of posters here really love that look and encourage its development, so not all is lost.

Also, it's bridle leather. Bridal is a women getting married.
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Welcome to Styleforum number9. I agree with cptjeff on this, however, if you would kindly post some photos of said briefcase it will help.
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So, this is it- not really bad but I am surprised for so thick of leather that it is able to discolor so easy. What about oxalic acid?

Or is it because it is veg tanned?

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I'd agree with others, this is the formation of patina and probably is best enjoyed than trying to get rid of it. Light coloured bridle leather will patinate over time to a warm mid brown, its part of its charm really and I imagine the rest of the case will catch up with the wear marks given time. Saddle soap will probably help even the marks up if applied regularly.

In my experience neatsfoot will darken the whole case - might be what you want to do but I would exercise extreme caution, its very easy to over oil and ruin the leather

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