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Bumping this up. Need footwear recs
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Originally Posted by habitant View Post

Bumping this up. Need footwear recs

How do you mean? Tech footwear that looks more urban (for lack of a better word)? Legit hike/run options that are weatherproof?

Not sure what you're after but curious...
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Yes, gore tex lines etc. boots that will stand up to water.
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Danner works, but is pretty classic old-school hiking boot.

Some of the Salomon trail runners and light hikers have a more "futuristic" look that I like, and they also tend to come in more subtle colorways--like all black. They use Gore which is OK for footwear.

OutDry is the shit for gloves/footwear. It's amazingly better than Gore. Montrail uses OutDry.

Generally, aesthetics take a back seat when it comes to outdoor footwear, mostly b/c everything looks more or less the same and fuck it, I'm on a trail and it's muddy so performance and fit are what I want. And once you go down that road, most boots are pretty good-to-excellent so it's just a matter of what fits and you like more than the next in terms of looks.
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Hrmm, my brother recommended the solomon gore shoes as well.. I just don't know about wearing rainbows as footwear. I find the diemme boots are nice and supportive.

Will definitely check out 'OutDry' where is it stocked?
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+1 for Montrail. A pair lasted me over two years in Guatemala and were my go-to choice during my Peace Corps service.
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Hey, I always like to have a baseline for discussion, and somewhere to point newcomers toward.  Since that didn't exist for Techwear, I created it.  Part 1 of 6, the Basics, just launched today.  http://dressed-down....-part-1-the-bas


Let me know what you guys think.  I'll be updating and editing if people have good suggestions.

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Part 2: Beginner's Buying Guide just went up.


Part 2 is definitely not meant to be digested all at once unless you get really caught up.  As I said before, I'm very happy to add or remove things if you guys have good suggestions.


A more comprehensive full brand list based on genre of style  will go up tomorrow.

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Those are actually pretty good. I was expecting some awful blogger advertising his tumblr or something. While you're still advertising your blog, it's useful information and is indeed a good starting point.
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I appreciate the positive review.  Self-promotion is self-promotion no matter what the intention.


Part 3, a brand list by style, is up now:

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Part 4, the Glossary.


Construction, science, synthetics, natural fibers, insulation, treatments, and several care guides.

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Part 5, Inspiration.


Blogs, styling, cultural touchstones, designer philosophy, and how new and conceptual tech is advancing clothing. 


The end.

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That's pretty fucking comprehensive.

I would like to edit a link into the OP but I can no longer edit it.

Fok? Another Mod?

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Giving this thread a bump, ain't nobody wearing tech shit during summer?

Also looking for sisp stealth jacket in s/xs if anybody if willing to unload.
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