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Any taker on a WW2 saddle 

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Pictures of past WWII boots?

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there is one on the epaulet site in black scotchgrain

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Ah, good looking boot, but I have something very similar in chestnut shell already.

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World war 2 with dainite sole, brass eyelets and closed welt on oscar last.

gunetal shell cordovan
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Any thoughts of a loafer as we head toward spring?
I would be interested in some type of cordovan or a cinnamon colored suede
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Looks like the WWII MTO boots are in. Haven't received an email saying that my balance was due as I thought I would, but I went ahead and paid it so hopefully they will ship tomorrow.
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are these orders in the Manhattan store? could I pick them up today?
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^ Even if they are in NY, store is closed today.
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oh yeah, today is monday. another reason why monday sucks!
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I was in the Orchard street store on Saturday and there were a bunch of Carmina boxes stacked up, which were the preorders. Matt and Logan were pretty busy with instore customers (partly my faultūüėÄ), but I'm sure every one will hear soon.
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Hey guys, I'm interested in the plain toe blucher on the Oscar last but have never seen nor tried on a pair of Carmina shoes/boots.

In Alden I am:


Trubalance  = 9.5D (I can do a 10D too but a little roomy)

Barrie = 9.5E (I can do a 10D but 9.5E fits better)



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I would say 9Uk and stick to some of the wider fitting lasts

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Originally Posted by hanoiboy View Post

Thank again EP!

These are just friggin awesome.:slayer: 

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the Kudu boots are unbelievably comfortable

i'm an 11E in Alden's Barrie and Trubalance. went with an 11 wide in the Forest last and I think it was the right move
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