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Epaulet x Carmina MTO - Page 221

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Originally Posted by james ep View Post

I mostly wear the York sole, but from trying on the double leather sole I feel they run basically the same-- but if you feel it's a little snug, you don't have anything to lose from going up to a wide size. It's a blucher, and it's a boot, so worst case scenario you can mitigate the extra width by tightening the boot a little more. 

I actually have the opposite problem. The footbed fits well in my terracotta lama boot and the shaft is way too loose for my liking and they are tightened so much that the leather is overlapping and I dont have slim legs at all
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this is fantastic imo

or even something like this

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Originally Posted by justinkapur View Post


this is fantastic imo

or even something like this


I would love that in the plain toe slipper model
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Any dice on green double monks?
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Originally Posted by mr chorizo View Post

I would love that in the plain toe slipper model

2 eyelet derby?
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Just a quick reminder for all of you Rudy guys that this round of special orders closes at MIDNIGHT on MONDAY THE 27th.  Place your orders here before it's too late! 

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Thanks for all of the orders guys! We made the minimum on both the Loden Shell Greeley and the Loden Shell Longwing. Both of them are confirmed to go into work.
Originally Posted by hanoiboy View Post

Dainite and brown edge trimming is my first choice, that is the IT BOOT! What really matters is flat welt.
Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Surely someone is going to suggest exposed brass eyelets for the loden jumper boot?!

I think a hatchgrain wholecut would look best on Simpson.
Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Damn forgot about that I'm good for any welt / sole but would love brass eyelets on the loden jumper

Love both of these ideas. OK so I'll set this up today:

Loden Shell Jumper Boot
York Sole with flat welt and medium brown edge trim
Antique brass eyes & hooks

This is going to be killer!
Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser View Post

I can't possibly need both the Greeley and the Jumper, can I? I mean, that's just crazy talk, right?

Haha, nothing crazy about that! If that's crazy than I don't want to be sane.
Originally Posted by WiredandTired View Post

In all this current mto talk, will there be possibly be re-runs of past cognac or ruby shell makeups?

Sure, which ones are you interested in? If there's some interest then we can re-run anything that we've done in the past.
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Lizard Makeup

In terms of the Lizard Makeup, I've got two images that I can show you of Carmina samples...

From seeing the skins in person, I find cognac to be the most appealing shade. It's got a nice deep color and you can really see the texture. Both of the shoes above are in dark brown lizard.

I can get a scan of the swatch itself to show you guys. I'm actually having a hard time finding a non-insane pic of a shoe made up in this color of lizard. So I'll post up the most insane one possible:

I know that this is buckwild - but just note the leather color. It would make up into an absolutely killer double monk.
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Oh yeah yeah, loden jumper with flat welt. . Im in!

Now, cognac greeley. Humm.....
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Originally Posted by justinkapur View Post

2 eyelet derby?

A bit pimp for moi
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Loden Shell Jumper Boot MTO Project

It is online and active my friends!

Loden Shell Cordovan Jumper Boot Special Order Deposit
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In my opinion, now that I see it, that loden jumper seems like it would be really hard to wear. I can really only envision wearing it with grey and white - definitely not blue, and only certain browns. Unless it's darker, I don't think I can justify it. Maybe this particular shade would work for me as a monk to be worn really casually in the summer?

Any chance of getting this same jumper make-up in cognac? (Essentially a re-stock, but with a more appropriate sole considering it's a military boot at its core.). If not, I'll go the way of the hatch grain or push for navy shell.
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^ Notreknip, have you looked at the penny loafer shot on the deposit page for the jumper boot? It's darker, making for less of an "apple" color than Mike's mockups, and looks like it would be great for almost all greys and browns.

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Epaulet will make you, Jump Jump! 

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Now, Cognac Greeley. Hmmmmmm.   

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