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Boiling eggs

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boiling may be the wrong vernacular, hard-cooking i guess?

whats your preferred method?
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Heat water, put in the eggs, take them out when done.

Sometimes after they're hard enough for the shells to be broken without the whites spilling out I'll crack them all around then change them in to a pot with some tea or lotus leaves, salt, some star anise and maybe some cinnamon or soy sauce and let them simmer for a couple hours.
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are you serious? if you can boil water you can boil an egg!
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Bring eggs to room temperature. Fill pot full of water, add salt. Bring pot to a rapid boil. Add eggs, remove pot from heat. Wait 15 minutes, then eat.
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IB girlfriend reference.
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Do you find that adding salt makes the shell taste better?
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for me this works every time:

refrigerator temp eggs (ain't got time to "warm eggs up")

put the eggs into already-boiling water
7:30 for liquid yolk
8:00 for semi-soft yolk
8:30 for hard yolk

anything beyond will turn the yolks green

remove eggs and put in a bowl of regular water to cool
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Room temp eggs in cold water, turn on heat. Remove pan from heat when water just begins to boil. Cover pan and let sit for 13 minutes. Put eggs in cold iced water to stop cooking. Usually there is no "green" around the yoke and the yokes are cooked thru but aren't dried out, eggs peel easily.
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About 45 minutes at I think 136 straight from the fridge.
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You really need advice on how to boil and egg?
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Straight from the fridge, boiling water, 5 minutes. Done.
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I don't really like boiled eggs and so I never make them, but straight from fridge, done in 5 minutes flat seems to me like they might still be liquid in the center after that. I'm thinking 5:30 or 5:45 at the least?
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Refrigerated eggs > cold tap water > bring to boil > kill the heat, cover pot and let sit

Boiled eggs are a great snack. If you want a gelled yolk, give it a shot of cold water before you cover it.

When I grill, I use wood chips for smoke. I'll soft boil eggs, then smoke them. They are very delicious. The smoke turns the egg white brown and leathery, but the center is still soft.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

About 45 minutes at I think 136 straight from the fridge.

Bastard!! wink.gif
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don't put eggs into boiling water. the air cavity expands and will crack the shell. start them in cool water and the air heats gradually and bleeds through the shell.
eggs in shallow pan in one layer. Cover with water. Bring to boil. Cook 1 minute. Cover and turn off stove. when the water is cool enough that you can retrieve the eggs, they'll be perfectly cooked ... bright orange center and no green rim.
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