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Originally Posted by Chase H View Post

It looks like it's falling straight down. Like a bag.

Took the blazer to the tailor today. Have used him few times so I trust his advice. He agreed chest looked boxy. So yep getting the chest suppressed and the arms shorter from the wrist.
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I came into this suit for fairly cheap and want to know if it's close enough that it's worth trying to have it tailored or if I should just let it go.

Also how big of a job would it be? I don't yet have a tailor here I feel really comfortable with and would rather not pay someone just to ruin a nice suit.
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Can I save this? It seems to fit in the shoulders (maybe even a bit narrow), and the armholes are small enough. I know what to do with the sleeves: short enough to just cover my shirt cuffs. What else should I do?


Here are its measurements:


chest (right under arms) 102
waist 96
hip 104
sleeve 65
length (in back from neckline down) 82
A well-fitting jacket:
chest 96
waist 86
hip 98
sleeve 54
length 69
chest 90
waist 73
hip 90
arm (shoulder to first knuckle of thumb) 58
half the distance between neck and floor 69




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Originally Posted by Tony Hubert View Post

Hello guys,

I just bought this new RTW suit and had it tailored at several points. However, I have quite developed shoulder blades and the jacked fits too tight around the upper back. Do you think it would help if I let the center seam out? Or is there maybe another way to fix this. (I've checked and there is approx 1'' allowance left in the center seam). Thanks in advance.

Suit info:

Size 40 Suitsupply Sienna model, 140s Vitale Barberis Canonico. At the shop they took in the sides of the jacket and squared the neck (although I still think it doenst fit well). The jacket fitted very comfortably before tailoring, but now just feels too snug at the back.

im not a tailor, however this looks like your wearing a dress from behind...not a good look.
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DSCN4421.JPG 2,848k .JPG file













Can I get a critique on this suit, please?  Just got it from Black Lapel. Sleeves seem too short and the right one is shorter than the other. Pants in the back don't look too good either.  Please let me know what you would get done to this suit.


Apologies for the picture quality -- just got the suit and couldn't take the pics until tonight when the light wasn't too good.  My wife is out of town and my 6 yr old did her best so it's as good as we could do for right now.  I want to take this in soon to get altered for a company party next weekend so that's why I'm putting these up now instead of waiting until the wife gets home.  Thanks for your help.

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Author deleted this post.

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Recent tweed jacket, CMT from Ah Loke, KL, Malaysia. Tweed fabric bought separately in London.

And some closer look at the workmanship. Feedback appreciated.

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And a similar jacket in cashmere. Also CMT from Ah Loke. I like the fit overall. Maybe it came out just a bit too short.

And the workmanship.

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Very nice, although the slight shoulder dimples on the second coat bother me.
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Originally Posted by finch5 View Post

Hi all,

I just tailored a suit and would like to get some feedback on the fit.

I personally feel that the skirt of the bottom center part of the suit (not sure what that is called) is not spaced apart enough.

Please advise on what kind of changes I can make to my suit to achieve the effect as circled in the picture below. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Thank you all in advance for your valuable feedback and advice!

This stylistic change is better communicated to the maker with a picture. A picture of this jacket and a picture of how you would like it to be. Part of the issue is how the jacket drapes due to your posture. The front balance needs to be longer. This will help clean up the back and lift the back off your hips.
You also have a very low right shoulder.
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Originally Posted by jd13jd13 View Post

Originally Posted by jd13jd13 View Post

Indochino suit.
I'm about 5'7'', 130lbs, generally wear 14.5 collar, 36s /30 waist. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show) There are a bunch of obvious problems, (neck measurement is real off, gaping vents, etc.). Planning on a remake, any suggestions?
Don't mean to be a pest, but any critique?

The shoulders don't sit right. The overlap is skimpy and causes the lapels to bow out when you button the jacket. The combination of this and the shoulder make the collar gap. Would lower the front button position. Shoulder blades on the back are too large. jacket would look better longer.
Make the trousers longer and angled down in the back.
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Originally Posted by npdef View Post

Long time lurker here and my first post!  Thanks for everyone providing advice.  I've learned so much from this thread.

2 bespoke suits from a local tailor.  Please click to enlarge.

Navy birdseye.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Gray solid.

Thank you for any feedback you could provide!

The grey jacket seems shorter than the other and the button position looks too high. What I see on the back view is it was taken in too much under the arms on the side body making it smaller across the back. Would let the the side body out a good 1/2" on each side but not the back part.
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Originally Posted by RDiaz View Post

Posted this in the "forward shoulders" thread, but that one sinks fast. Not sure if this problem has to do with my shoulders being indeed forward. The jacket also seems to fit better if I make the top part of the back about two inches smaller by pinning it. Fits better, but not well anyways.

The armholes are also hideously low - do you think that might have anything to do with this too?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Please excuse the poor picture quality - hopefully this is a quickly recognizable problem and you can see what I mean. Thanks.

yes, looks like a forward shoulder issue but this photo doesn't give much to go on. There appears a bit of a twist on the shoulder. Need to shift the front shoulder towards the shoulder, away from the neck and square it a bit. Stretch the canvass over the shoulder. Put a little more fullness on the back shoulder and hope for the best.
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Originally Posted by p.henrik View Post

Recent tweed jacket, CMT from Ah Loke, KL, Malaysia. Tweed fabric bought separately in London.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

And some closer look at the workmanship. Feedback appreciated.

Both jackets are very clean. Nothing to comment about the fit but if I were making these I would want a better look on the front below the button. Don't want to see so much of the shirt and top of the trouser. The shaping of the back doesn't define your waist. It looks fitted right under the armhole on the back and then an A line to the hem. Greenish jacket not as clean in this area as the brown.
The left vent hangs differently than the right side. You have a low right so you may need more length over your left shoulder.

Just random observations, they appear to fit well.
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