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Hello, just joined Style Forum after a long time of "guest browsing" the site. I enjoy jumping out of planes, vintage dive watches, and Aldens! What else do you wanna know?! wink.gif

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Hello, just joined Style Forum after a long time of "guest browsing" the site. I enjoy jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, vintage dive watches, and Aldens! What else do you wanna know?! wink.gif

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Hello everyone,


I am a 53 years old with  2 grown daughters, married 28 years. Always cared about my appearance but braces, tuition and weddings dug fairly deep into my pocketbook. I am interested in slowly replacing my entire wardrobe. I do not want inferior quality, ill fit clothes any longer. I want to restock with quality garments that fit me to perfection. At this stage,  I want to replace my shoe wardrobe with some higher end classic shoes, purchase some quality made, well fit shirts and have a few suits custom made.  I would like to do it in a logical, progressive manner so I can match things along the way. I am really not even sure where to start so any and all suggestions are welcomed.

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I finally decided to join after almost a year of consistently browsing, searching, and studying all the information on the forum.  About a year ago I realized I was tired of the clothing rut I have been stuck in for over a decade... Poorly fitting clothing like polos in the summer with khaki/navy shorts, plaid button-ups with chinos or jeans in the winter, $100.00 shoes to wear every day until they are trashed and thrown away after about a year.  I work in an extremely laid back environment, so button-ups and chinos are still my go to, but I have enjoyed learning about how to improve their quality and fit as well as diversifying into many different colors outside of the typical department store average joe stuff.  Shoes have become my obsession though.  I have a serious practical bone given my early career/young family status, so the best quality:money ratio has been what I have been after.   I love watching nice things age and can't wait to see how the stuff I am now building into my wardrobe will look a decade from now! 

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Hello There,

I'm Jerome, I live in Oakland CA and am married to the girl of my dreams. I'm a photographer for the Brooklyn Circus SF and a sales rep for Stance socks.

I'm practically in jeans everyday, dark and raw. Huge fan of Raleigh, WWM, BKc, PF Flyers, Taylor Stitch and Band of Outsiders.

I've especially been on a pocket square kick lately.
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Hello all!  Been lurking for quite a while now and decided I needed to jump in here.


My name is Ryan Devens, 25, and I just recently moved to San Francisco from Nashville, TN to hop on board with local American-made retailer, Taylor Stitch.


Usually if you see me, I'm rocking some Billy Reid loafers, Imogene & Willie jeans, a Taylor Stitch button-down, a bow-tie that's too small, and my trusty Timex.


I believe that tweed is the only way to true enlightenment. 

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My name is Clifford and I'm into merchandising and ecommerce.  Living in HK now but that could change whenever I guess.

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Hello everyone,


I am an undergraduate business student and live in Oklahoma. I hope to learn more about men's tailored clothing as I continue to browse this forum. Hopefully, this forum will serve to help me make the best decisions on buying clothing in the future.



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Hello Gentlemen. 


I am an engineer from NY.  I hope to learn more from the gurus during my stay here.  


I like watches, specifically mechanical ones either Swiss or German made.





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Hello all

my name is Spark from Bristol England..into Traditional Skinhead...Spirit of 69

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Salutations all,


I've lurked for some time on this forum, and after seeing how genuine the vibe is, I wanted to engage directly with the forum, whether it be through my own experiences with style, or learning something new from members. Hope everyone's Sunday is well.





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I've also perused the forum for quite some time, yet have not contributed.

I get the opportunity to dress on both sides the casual/formal spectrum regularly with my profession so I enjoy quality denim as much as I do a suit, but I am particularly keen on accessories (watches, shoes, etc).




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Greetings to all,


Just join today. I do not indulged much in expensive clothes but am interested to dress nice on a tight


Hope to learn a thing or two from you good folks.

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Joined few minutes ago, looking for information about style, yep rather style than fashion. My preffered style is business attire for work and smart casual for private use. Moreover I am deeply interested in using business/careers forum.

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Hi new member, from Hawaii living in New York. Been lurking here off and on for a few years. Nice to be here.

As for my tastes clothingwise, I'm a firm believer in style > fashion. 




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