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After last night, there is a growing movement in Detroit to bring back Gene Lamont as 3rd base coach.

Seeing Gibby and Trammell in "The Brawl" brings back such fine memories....
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Pbfffffft! The sound of air being sucked out of Tiger fans. Papa Grande was 0-2 ready to make his final out ensuring a Tigers 2-0 lead. And then, he threw a 2 run HR. Royals win in the 10th. Time to turn the Big Potato into french fries. If a game goes into extra innings, we are sure to lose. No joy back home in the D.
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down a couple of runs with two outs in the 9th might be an appropriate time to slightly change your two strike approach at the plate, shorten up your swing, and put the ball in play

Justin Upton strikes out looking to end 2 of the last 3 games as the Padres sweep the Braves. the Braves are not great on the road, and apparently forget how to play baseball as they enter the Pacific time zone.
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A great Tiger victory over the Orioles, tonight. Perfect game: powerful pitching by Scherzer and Smyley, a HR by Cabrera, Austin Jackson making things happen.

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Tigers played well, O's did not capitalize enough on their opportunities against Scherzer. Had a few chances but he was dealing - as he has all season.

O's were lucky to take 2 of 3 against Detroit last series facing both Scherzer and Verlander. Luck of the draw we get them both again - will be a tall order to take the series again.
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Tex to DL again. I foresee surgery.

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Max is making a legit Cy Young run right now. Bucholz and Darvish are in the mix as well. It's my hope that by the end of July the tigers have a stranglehold on the AL Central so they can go on cruise control. Everyone is pitching well. Even porcello. Anibal just went on the DL but with how good the other 4 are pitching it's not a crushing blow.
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ffffuuuu.gif postponed game after a day off.

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Manny Machado - leather.
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Could John Beilein be our next closer? I bet that he could throw for three.

Bad outing for Verlander, last night. Manny Machado is something else!

It is such a fantastic day, today. I think I am going to cancel an appointment and head down to the ballpark this afternoon. I've got priorities.
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Do it. Perfect day.
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After years of misery, I have to say it's a lot of fun to watch my O's go up against really good competition and hold their own.

Cabrera sort of let you guys down a couple of times yesterday.

Rubber today! Have fun if you go down, CP.
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

Do it. Perfect day.

All I got was a sun burn. What a disaster of a game. The Orioles have our number. I'm glad that they are not in the Central.
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Chris Davis... still full of shit.

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Orioles vs Blue Jays this weekend.

B Jays projected starters: Dickey, Wang, Johnson.
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