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The Armoury - Official Affiliate Thread

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- our official website -
- our online store -
- our Tumblr -


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Excellent news! Congrats Mark and Alan! So good to hear.

It looks like I'll be back in HK come November so look forward to seeing you soon.
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Best wishes for success, yoyo.

- B
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Very exciting! Congratulations on your new venture. Does this mean that there will finally be a source online for Carmina shoes
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Congrats. I will do an excellent review of the store in exchange for free goods or discounts. Oh wait - I guess I should've pm'ed that.
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I need me a Ring Jacket. Looks nice. Best of luck!
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wow - congrats guys - and good luck.
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Good luck boys.
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best of luck! I’ll be in the neighborhood next month and will add to the itinerary.
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Fantastic. Best of luck. If this was in NYC, I'd be camping at your store like a bum...
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Best of luck to you!
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Looks good, congrats!
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Well done and all the best. Saw your little bit in Monocle as well, looks good.
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That's great news. Congrats you two! Wish I could be there for the opening. I'm sure it'll be spectacular. You both have such broad and excellent taste. I got to try on* one of the suit coats by Ring Jacket (or was it La Vera Sartoria Napoletana?), and it was very well made too.

*Pls. don't post the pics though. So far I've been able to stay out of the creepy images thread...
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