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^Don't suppose any of them work if I'm a 7.5 D in alden barrie / trubalance. Nice prices
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Of course i'm a cheap guy, but does anyone really find the Tricker's factory prices to be an OK level?
GBP 285.00 for boots and GBP 260.00 for derby's, is just GBP 100.00 discount for seconds. At sale twice a year you can find the exact same prices for perfect shoes.
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1/4 of the price, for a product than with a little luck, can be 9/10 perfect, sounds like an okay deal to me.

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With no luck you can get the 10/10 at sale. Problem is Tricker's factory price is a standard sales prices everywhere twice a year.


Take a look at this shoe as an example, left shoe - or on the picture right shoe. No-one wants to pay GBP 265.00 for this. Why even bother standardizing prices on seconds this close to full retail?$T2eC16VHJGQFFhvhl+LiBRePRsSuWg~~60_57.JPG

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Tricker's factory can be a great place to pick up limited boots and special orders that weren't widely released. The problem with the eBay shop is, of course, that they don't tell you what the defects are. If you email, they sometimes respond, but not always--and not always quickly. Several times, I've inquired about boots ,and by the time they replied, the boots had sold.
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I don't find Tricker's factory to be good value either. Including the shipping charges, it's not that far off from retail prices. Bear in mind that a number of online retailers offer free shipping. Only good for special make ups I guess.
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Originally Posted by Michigan Planner View Post

Anybody have experience buying from Pediwear and shipping to the U.S.? Good? Bad? Do you normally get hit with customs or import fees?

MP: Pediwear is great to deal with. Have had a few orders in the past and haven't been docked with fees. Mention it to them your concerns and I'm sure they'll let you know if they can make it work.
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Tricker's for the rainy days:
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Tricker's on reduced pricing + 20% extra sale. I have been salivating over Tricker's for years now and finally pulled the trigger. Snatched Burford for $295. I live in Canada and will have to pay $40 in shipping + taxes of almost 40%, but with this price it is still cheaper than stock listed price.


Even Alden PTB Cordovan is avail for 20% sale, too bad my size is not avail, else I would have snapped that too.


I love Burford for its clean appearance and I am so happy that I finally got it.


Glad to be finally able to join Tricker's family at SF. Will post pics once I get them.



If anyone has been bottling their purchase on them babies now is the time to put the foot down.

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what's the sale coupon?
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found it - may20

damn, just grabbed a burford for $295 shipped. really good.
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Sorry to spam a bit everyone, but just cant contain myself on this purchase nod[1].gif have been waiting for a long time to get a good deal on Tricker's to add to my humble shoe collection. To bad teleportation machine hasnt been invented yet, I will have to chew my dry wall to kill the time till delivery.

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