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Weird. I made an order at uniqlo yesterday, shipped today. So it seems current orders are totally fine
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double post
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A lot of pre-Sandy orders are fucked. I ordered some stuff yesterday and it shipped today, my 30th order was still 'pending' as of an hour ago. I ended up canceling the old order because they wouldn't just let me cancel the stupid biz caz stuff I needed for this week, and now half the stuff I had from my old order is gone frown.gif
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holy shit kj you ordered something not on the clearance rack son????

shore, it feels nice as fuck though not sure if you've felt this particular one plus the way it reflects light
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Originally Posted by andrewgreg View Post

Got lots of stuff at porter for 50% off. Post pics later.

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i hope this takes good mirror waywts

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Another great trade with friends- two belts for 5L of Palestinian Fair Trade olive oil.

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

I ordered so long ago, they still haven't shipped due to hurricane Sandy. Wish they'd just cancel my order or something

Weird. I ordered last night and they shipped today.

edit: just saw the comment about pre-sandy orders being messed up.
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you bought all once? wow.gif

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i didn't pay retail... they were the ones from tk maxx smile.gif
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Tj maxx carry those? Are these margielas son?
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yeah but...still, 4

(I'm actually really jealous)


andrew: tk maxx (the uk-version of tj maxx) does, they had some blazers and jackets aswell (including a dope black bomber with removable quilted lining which I considered before I realized I ain't got the money for that)

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yes, the UK site suddenly got a load in. there are still a few on there i think
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