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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

erm.... I'll take a crack at it...

Useful criticism: (Click to show)

Polo's are a little fratty. (puts on flamesuit) I do wear them myself but they're always very fitted and solid dark colors. Ie polos aren't well regarded around these parts unless done well. This one looks like it was bought to fit around your stomach while the rest of it's just plain too big. The shoulder seams are drooping over your actual shoulders, the contrast collars and cuffs draw unnecessary attention, the horizontal stripes only make you look wider, etc... no good. Toss in the charity pile and never wear it again.
Jeans are meh, but I've seen worse. Ignore the 'go super slim' advice/looks you see since you have a wide upper body. That being said at some point you'll probably have to upgrade that part.
Vans, look they're passable in that they're rather nonedescript but if you're not some 16 year old skaterboi or Parker then I'd say start by upgrading the shoes, of course after you start with some other basics like shirts and pants that flatter you (to the best that clothing can do that for you given your body shape, sorry guy, just sayin')

anyway, hope there's something useful in there for ya


I prefer coat/tie at work, but was under some heavy pressure to polo-up on Fridays.  "given your body shape…"  No offense taken at all, I've dropped 100 pounds over the last year and a half.  Some clothes are starting to not fit so well to say the least.  I usually just wear the Vans around the house on the weekend.  For my foot (which ultimately matters the most) they're a very comfortable shoe.  Thanks for the useful criticism, I do appreciate it.

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

flawless gif looping


In case anyone was wondering about the video source of GIF:

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Went art gallery hopping today with a few of my close friends; free booze and good times.
Overall a great day to relax and enjoy Chicago's few days of "just right" weather.

Lad Musician.
Lad Musician.
Phenomenon Tote Bag.

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Nice and simple fishbones! smile.gif
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Had to quote these too, damn good looks all!
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Long Post Ahead

Bag Details + Need More Untitled

Back in Palm Beach eating Albondiga Chicken Tacos and Piña Coladas


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Cream Overdyed Jeans
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Originally Posted by chinesealpha View Post

Elisix, I know you've got a lot of gear, but you'd probably be better off going mtm. Medium height, broad chest and shoulders... most all your old untucked fits are long in the body. If I remember correctly, you always used to roll up your sleeves, and I'm guessing that was because they were too long. Chinos, plaids or oxfords or tees, and baller-basic footwear should not be hard to pull off, but if your tops don't fit, they don't fit. Extensively tailoring a $300 kitsune plaid seems like the wrong way to go.   
Warning: Spoiler! - Response for chinesealpha (Click to show)
Appreciate the feedback.

While there's certainly some truth and fact to what you have said, there's more to it than that.

FYI, I'm 5'8, 76-80kg depending on how lazy I am with the gym, and have a chest of approx 95cm.

While many of my existing shirts I have look terrible untucked, it's not completely down to my height and size. I only just a year ago got into buying online and began buying like crazy without thinking about measurements, sizing and so forth. It sounds stupid, but I was buying party based on the deals which came up and jumped if i liked a particular design. I didn't understand 'fit' and truth be told, I'm still learning.

What I've discovered in recent months is that all of my Acne and APC shirts which I bought in size L should have been bought in size M. Except for instances where the shirt is a particularly slim cut. Generally speaking though, I am an M. By buying size L shirts I figured I was compensating for a bit of an existing pot belly (now gone) but not considering what it did for the length of the shirt and sleeves. I understand that now.

I've actually only ever tailored 2 shirts. 1 which I ruined completely (too short) and the other which I wore in the spoiler I linked yesterday of the Ervell fit with the untucked shirt. Other than that I haven't bothered as for the most part I can get away with the length of an L. I just roll the sleeves which I would do anyway. Moving forward I'll just buy the right size. Another example is Kitsune. I bought all of them in size 42 (XXL) but they fit like an APC L. So the last 2 I bought are a 41 (XL, but like an APC M or 48).

Also its important to remember how shiity mirrors can be. Take the Ervell fit from yeserday with the tucked shirt and compare it with the below. It's amazing what having someone else take a photo (or at least standing back far enough from the camera and mirror) does for ones proportions in fits. Yesterday's Ervell fit made me look like a midget.

Kitsune (M!)
Acne (32)
Grenson (7.5G UK)

photo 3497a1a6-ed9d-46b5-ab92-251509b175c5_zpsed35cb3b.jpg

Warning: Spoiler! - Lifestyle (Click to show)

photo 5ffc3c74-da4f-4d5e-a8b1-b9ce4f175135_zps043bfb5a.jpg

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Try WvG after dinner cut. Serious. I think it would work well for you.

Also, most of your fits still look top heavy because you like your pants too slim in my opinion.
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I've actually been trying to pay some attention to that and my latest few pairs of chinos have been a straight cut instead of slim. In addition to that I try to pay attention to the type of shoes I pair with the outfit. Not just on colour, but whether a chunky commando sole is 'too much' for fits with a slim pant etc.

Edit. Just had a look at WvG and you might just be right there VLSI. Taking a look at; - it seems like an M might be perfect. They look to be cut short enough to wear casually un-tucked but wide enough in the chest/shoulders.
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post


Awesome fit, how'd you size those DNAs? Was contemplating to get a pair, but I've felt the sizing on those is all over the place depending on the season (my ZamB pants range from 46 to 50 and all fit perfectly)
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Sexy, fresh, the personification of affluence.

When I walked in the office people didn't know where to look, my beautifully elegant tassels? my perfectly draped shirt? It was funny watching everyone trying to process what they were seeing :P. Needless to say, my lavish lifestyle lives within my cloth.

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u r not real

also wait til your stiffy dies down before you take a fit pic

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Are those socks or are you severely sun burnt?
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

u r not real

also wait til your stiffy dies down before you post a fit pic

I am real, I know it is hard to believe due to how pretty I am.


It's a vicious circle, imagine looking through the phone camera at this outfit, it's only natural it will happen but I tried to hide it as well as possible.


@The guy below, they are red socks, I am not sunburnt.

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Hard to resist adding commentary, but no one wants the thread derail that it entails. Want to post a fit pic, but it's been uniqlo + AA everyday with the humidity here
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