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Hollywood help?

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Hi guys, Glad I found this board. Listen, I often attend "Hollywood" style functions (from parties to premiere) and I have another one coming up next week. I have two questions... 1. I usually have an outstanding sense of style and trends, but am sort of at a lack as to what to where to this premiere. I need something very unique, stylish and hip...very, well hollywood (but I am also on a budget) 2. I have been looking for a 3/4 length suit coat forever. The only thing I have been able to find are the occasional tux coats and the $800+ paris fashion house ones that seem to come and go from season to season. Where can your average guy on a budget find a 3/4 length suit coat? Thanx in advance
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Funny. I am going to the premier party for Blade 2 next week and am currently looking for the same style. I will let you know if I find anything, but am anxiously awaiting to see what other members think.
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I don't own a 3/4 length suit coat, but I have a few friends who do.  I'll try to get with them and check on that, and keep you posted.  My recollection is that they went- as you might expect- to a pretty specialized store, one that focuses upon more urban looks (not a bad place for you  guys to start).  I want to say Stacy Adams (known mostly for shoes, but they do suits, hats, etc) does a 3/4 length suit coat, but I could be wrong- you might want to do a few quick Web searches for their stuff to verify that.  I also don't think Stacy Adams is all that expensive, but I do think it might be difficult to buy a quality 3/4 suit coat on a real budget. Good luck.
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