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Need some opinions

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This is driving me batty. I own this shirt, the one with the yellow stripes, and have had a hard time figuring out what kind of trousers to use with it. I have tried tan khakis and Ferragamo loafers, and cream khakis and blue khakis.  They all seem to look goofy, and these shirts are very nice, Sea Island cotton and very delicate.  Anyone have any suggestions?
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Just to take a swing at it, I'd suggest something with a chocolate-brown color...maybe brown herringbone, sort of a richer-deep-brown color.
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Actually, Stone, I tried a pair of light chocolate-colored khakis from Canali once with it. One of my employees told me I looked strange. She was right.
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Go for the defacto standards: black or white. Cons: black could be considered too formal, white inappropriate depending on the time of year.
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That shirt is really yellow, and the blue seems to have some yellow in it as well. It is a good accent piece, but requires that you need to balance that with something with a lot of warm red in it. In all likelihood, you are looking very washed out when you wear that shirt with khaki or blue. A very deep blue with red undertones might work. And because the shirt is such an eyecatcher, you will want to pair it with something more substantial, more "grounded". Since the cut is so conservative, I would be inclined, personally, to update it a little and wear it with dark indigo jeans with a little bit of red in the dye, and maybe pair that off with a thicker belt and sturdier shoes or boots, to give the whole outfit a little more substance, a little more earth, if you will. But that last part is my personal preference.
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Stu - brown or creme would look out and dull, while blue would be too much of a contrast. I would go with black pants and brown loafers as this would appear appropriate for casual office wear. My rule of thumb is: black goes with any colour.
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Everyone has picked some rather formal options. Honestly, this looks to me like a casual shirt, weekend wear. I think it's the fact that it's a pull-over and bands of solid color at the wrists and waist that makes it look like some thing you'd wear on a boat. Nice looking, no doubt, but not something I'd wear to the office. With that said, I'd probably pair this with a pair of white shorts and Docksiders. Throw a tennis sweater over your shoulders and Croakies on your sunglasses and you might as well be a Kennedy. Jeans might be a good option too...
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Thanks guys: I tried it on with some darker blue Calvin Klein jeans last night and it really looked great (good call, L.A. Guy). I think I was approaching the shirt all wrong and trying to use it for something for which it wasn't desinged. -- i.e. casual Friday at the office.
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I agree that jeans would be the best choice. Some darker regular khakis or corduroy khakis would work too, in my opinion.
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