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Any summer short suggestions ?

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Before you say "baggy cargos," I'm 42 years old.

Not quite ready for the pleated Docker shorts I'll be issued on my 50th birthday, but I'm not a college student either.

I already have lots of pants (linen, jeans, etc), so I'm set there.

Appreciate your thoughts.
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Just about any major men's clothing retailer carries flat front, khaki style shorts that hit somewhere just above the knee. I just bought a few pairs from LL Bean (liked the price and the color choices). I also have a couple of pairs from Bills, which are nice (M2 fit and flat front), but I wouldn't pay Bills full retail prices for shorts. There may be some available from STP.

My guess is you can do well at J Crew or Polo, also.
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what do you all think about checks, patterns, anything other than plain khaki?
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I really like Timberland shorts and have several pairs. They look good on a person at any age (I'm 35). They do have flat front and regular shorts in addition to cargo shorts. Very durable also.

If you wait until the middle of summer, everything goes on sale. (If you can wait that long).
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My dear Mr. Checks: you failed to mention whether you'll wear your shorts with black socks and oxfords (ala Richard Milhous Nixon) or with socks and sandals. Enquiring minds want to know. BTW, I wear Black Watch plaid shorts, seersucker shorts, etc. in addition to khakis. Although I am a creaky and geriatric 51!
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Ha! I remember the picture on the beach with Bebe Rebozo, jeez, I'm getting old.

I like the plaid suggestion, and maybe madras too, which makes the Gifted Child wince (but if you can't embarrass your kids, why have them?)

BTW, you're very limber for 51!
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