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Are there any more stock fabrics that will be available for a Rudy order this round? Like the navy Irish linen for example?
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I'm actually wondering when we'll be able to buy the white and blue oxfords with the new collar, because I think I'm going to like the new collar more than the old.
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Digi camo today:
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How do you guys think the petrol blue compares to the brushed french blue in real life? I have the Navy Walts and was thinking of maybe grabbing a softer blue while I waited for a restock on the gunmetals. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse View Post

^ wow it almost looks like you guys are wearing the same shoes too! Both fits are excellent.

Originally Posted by wj4 View Post

Dude! Should've let me know...I would've been down for a brother brother outfit icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Sweet! We can work on a purple flannel Walt day next week.
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Love the red trousers gents. Well done.

Thanks, man!

Leaf ducks with the navy Steinbecks today:

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The hue of Leaf looks great!
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Gotcha, makes sense. Wider should certainly be better for those larger knots (which i favor myself).

I have to say though, the height of the collar was really the selling point for me. Maybe I am in the minority here. I think the new BD looks great; it probably will have a better roll even compared to the earlier one. I'd love to see what it looks like worn under a sport coat, with a tie, and without.

But I guess I'm hoping that the taller collar might still have a place in the lineup somewhere. Have you ever considered doing a casual shirt with a 2-button collar, maybe even a cutaway? It would be kind of an English look (which they may have stolen from the Italians) that would really add some "presence" to a casual shirt, that would help out those of us with longer necks. Since you've always been doing sort of an anglo-american vibe, maybe this is something that could fit in somewhere. Of course, you probably can't offer a million collar styles with the smaller runs you do, but I'm just thinking out loud here...

I also love the tall collar. I think it is a big part of what sets Epaulet shirts apart. I've ordered some of the new-collar shirts, and I will hope for the best. It may be that the roll is now better. But we shall see. With the old button-downs, I think it is true that they don't look great with the top button fastened. But I had never really noticed, since I don't fasten it. I would never wear one with a tie; they are definitely more casual.

I agree that there may be room to experiment a bit with the shape of the other shirts. I would think about a slightly bigger, taller version of the point collar -- a spread, I suppose. I think Epaulet used to have a spread collar shirt. It didn't work as well as the others, and it was probably right to discontinue it. But perhaps it could be redesigned.
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Are there any plans for producing some outerwear based on the current SCs?

I mean it would be nice to have some tweed overcoats, something like 

And I'm sure that more DBs will make everyone here happy. 

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Are the special order Rudy trousers around for a very limited time like FF, or are they available until the end of the summer season?
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^ Rudy orders are usually only open when the FF trousers are up. You may be able to email them to check what fabrics are available if you wanted to place a one-off Rudy order, but they won't leave them up on the website for long.
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Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse View Post

Just wanted to make sure this didn't get missed....would be interested to hear thoughts from others about this as well.

We don't have any plans to offer wider lapels at the moment, as I don't really have much demand for it. The lapels that we use now aren't "skinny" - they're comparable to one of the slimmer Brooks jackets, and can easily be worn with a 3" or 3.5" tie without looking out of proportion. But who knows, fashion always changes and I'd be sure that wider than usual lapels will come back into vogue sooner or later.
Originally Posted by Randomore View Post

Bought my wife a couple shirts from the sale. Now she wants to replace her wardrobe. I've created a monster!

Great job on these guys. Nice to see some quality for women. Now my purchases are justified in her eyes.

Haha, excellent - thanks so much! And the offer stands indefinitely - we can cut girlfriend shirts as special orders on demand anytime. Just drop us an email to put it into motion.
Originally Posted by violethour1951 View Post

My girlfriend loves her Keaton blazer, thanks Mike & Adele! inlove.gif

Thank you! I'm really grateful that so much of the womens stuff is going to the wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc of you guys. It's a bummer that we couldn't sell it well, but definitely a saving grace that it's going to people who really appreciate it.
Originally Posted by riotior View Post

Sorry I asked about this earlier, but was hoping for a more fleshed out answer. In regard to shirts, if I'm looking for strictly casual and untucked, which options are safe? I was told the "dress shirts" are too dressy, despite the fact that their description says that they work untucked and casual. Are ashland okay?

Most of our shirts can toe the dress or casual line. I'd stay away from pinpoint oxfords, microchecks, and cutaway collar options with very small patterns.

Anything with a buttondown collar is pretty much fair game. Our best seller is always always the blue OCBD.

And with regards to cutaway and point collar styles, stick with ones with larger patterns, and you'll be able to wear them casually. The navy gingham cutaway and the cobalt plaid are both excellent choices.
Originally Posted by macjedi View Post

Hi!  I'm new to Epaulet and considering purchasing a pair of light to medium gray wool trousers for spring/summer.


I've been looking at the Walt Super 120's and HY's Four Season, Nailhead or Tropical Wool offerings … I'd be a new customer to HY as well.  I'd like a trouser that would be pretty versatile … for work in Southern California, night in Vegas, walking around Paris or Madrid in June.  


Would the Super 120 be a good option or am I asking too much from one pair of trousers?  I'd also be interested in anything that might be coming out in the next couple months that might be a better option.


I'd appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks so much!

A grey trouser is definitely your top choice. Even over the Super 120s medium grey, I'd recommend these:

They'll be restocked in all sizes by next week. It's a comfortable trouser that's great in a range of weather. The fabric has a matte finish and it wears very well. The side tabs are a cool twist. The price is really great on them. If you're going to get one grey trousers, this would be my first recommendation.
Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Is there going to be a restock of this in long sleeve soon:
the link to the long sleeve is off the site

Yup, we've got this on order already in the L/S shape. Should be here in a month or so.
Originally Posted by digga View Post

Are all of the cotton walts machine washable or just the duck and UK canvas ones?  Do the twill walts have to be dry cleaned?  Also, should I expect any shrinkage?  

in some of the pics, you can see a "dry clean only" tag, but the description says they are washable.  Perhaps the tag is just standard for all of the walts.


Yes, you can ignore the dry clean instructions. All of our cotton trousers are machine washable - we advise cold washing and hang drying. You won't get shrinkage on top, but they tend to shrink about a half inch in the length so either 1) wash before hemming or 2) ask your tailor to add an extra half inch to your desired hem length.
Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post


any chance that the Rivet in Oxford Cloth Blue will be back for spring/summer?

Absolutely, just waiting for the fabric to come back into stock. Hopefully we'll get more chinos in the next 8 weeks or so.
Originally Posted by Lifeson22 View Post


Don't know if i've ever seen this question asked/answered.....

Have you guys ever considered doing a peak lapel sportcoat? Maybe just as part the factory find offerings?

Yes actually - you read my mind on this. We're developing a peak lapel option for the Fall. I'll probably make one off the rack jacket with a peak and it will be available in all fabrics via special order as well.
Originally Posted by sridhar3 View Post

Do the linen trousers get wrinkled easily with wear?  I tend to stick to wool trousers because they don't get too wrinkled, and steaming them usually gets them back to normal, but I'm hesitant to buy linen trousers if they're going to need to be ironed between each wear.

Yes, linen trousers definitely wrinkle quite easily, but it's part of their appeal. By nature they're a bit rumpled, a bit imperfect. I wouldn't bother ironing or steaming them after each wear. I just fold mine along the crease and hang them nicely. It's their style.
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Probably the best $75 I've spent on shoes...the kilted loafers:
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Maybe someone can help with this - I got a pair of the madras Walt shorts in size 32 on sale.  I took them to a tailor to get the seat let out an inch (but keep the waist the same).  If I wanted to get Walt trousers and just get the waist taken in, would I want to go up to a size 33 or 34?


In other words, size 32 waist means I need to let out the seat and I'd rather get a larger size and take in the waist.

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Went with the Dover Grey Linens as well...

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when can we expect "generic" colored linens? navy, tan, etc?
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