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Your minimum acceptable casual wardrobe


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2006
Reaction score
I'm really curious about what other people consider their "minimum" acceptable casual wardrobe (not counting underwear, socks, and workout clothes). I know some of y'all are clothes-horses with full walk-in closets, and others, like me, get by on a scavenger philosophy with a few nice pieces. I'm continually fascinated by what some people consider essential and others consider completely superfluous.

I try to maintain as small a wardrobe as practically possible - I like to look nice, but I like to do so on the cheap. I just don't like accumulating a lot of stuff.

You'll note from the list below that I tend to wear jeans, short-sleeved shirts, and sneakers, and I have a lot of neutrals. I "dress up" all week for work and I don't run in social circles where I have to dress up in my off time. My idea of a fun Friday night is drinking Stewart's soda and reading comic books at the tattoo shop.

Anyway, my relatively minimalist wardrobe philosophy has served me well, but there are a few things I should probably add for the upcoming fall and winter - a hoodie, a sweater, and a jacket are on my "buy" list for sure.

What would you add? How would your "minimal" list differ?

*Nudie RRDS - I got these as 30x34s and double-cuff them. They're pretty baggy now. I wear them every weekday after work, and all weekend, unless they've become stinky, in which case I air them out and wear one of my other two pairs of casual pants. This is my first pair of "project" jeans so I'm trying for the "six months without washing" target. Will see how that goes. They get skated in a lot, and I'm pretty sure one or both knees will be busted (and patched) shortly.
*Thrift store cords, tan, baggy.
*Wal-Mart cargo pants, khaki, baggy - I don't really wear these for anything but skating. They're fairly crap even for that purpose, and may be purged shortly.

Shirts, Long-sleeved:
*Thrift store Dickies flannel, red plaid. This is a very nice shirt for the amount I paid. Square hem, lined cuffs and collar, fits perfectly.
*2 Urban Outfitters Winterlite crewneck "thermals" - one kind of a light chocolate, one white. These are very thin, very soft, very comfortable, and not very "thermal." They were on sale for like $7 each for a while, and seem worth about that.
*Black Hanes Beefy with white contrast stitching. One of my favorites.

Shirts, Short-sleeved:
*Thrift store Arnold Palmer short-sleeved button-down, blue check.
*Levi's Western-style short-sleeved button-down, burgundy check, "pearl" snaps.
*2 Sears "Canyon River Blues" short-sleeved button-downs, one blue check, one red and orange check. Got these on sale for $4 each. They're boys' large shirts, which is indistinguishable to me from mens' small shirts. Maybe a little tighter across the shoulders.
*2 Threadless t-shirts - black "Classic Grills" and purple "Zombie Donkey." There's no way I'm walking through life without at least one shirt with a zombie on it.
*Gap t-shirt, olive. This is my favorite t-shirt, ridiculously soft and comfortable, nice slim fit. I have no idea what kind it is, other than it's from the Gap. Got it for $2 at something called a "Magic Mart" in southern West Virginia.
*American Apparel blended ringer, pinkish with burgundy ring collar. Also very comfortable.
*Black Hanes v-neck.
*Heather gray Jerzees blended crewneck.
*Brown HYP crewneck with orange ring collar and "track" stripes on sleeves. Got on clearance. Jury's out on this one. I don't think it's going to age well.

Jackets and Coats:
*Some kind of black track jacket with heather gray stripes on sleeves. Very cheap, very comfortable.
*Brown Carhartt chore coat. It's a medium, but I've cut some weight lately because of increased activity and stress levels, and it's a bit big, so I'll be in the market for a new one.

*Black high-top Chuck Taylors.
*Greasy brown 6-eye Doc Martens, made in England, don't know the model. Got these at Gabriel Brothers years and years ago, and wear them when weather is too inclement for Chucks.

*Timex watch, plain round face with plain brown band. Fairly slim. I wear this to work, too.
*Fossil watch, big chunky round face and big chunky black band.
*Black Dickies belt. I don't really wear belts much, not sure why I keep this around.
*Olive army belt.
*Spyderco Endura.
*Case two-blade.
*Pewter pendant - small crucifix made of a mallet and stake tied together. I know.
*Pewter belt buckle - round spider-web design. I know.


Senior Member
Feb 18, 2005
Reaction score
I'm atcually actively thinning things down to get to where I want. I do laundry twice a week because I have little kids and they often go through a couple of sets of clothes a day, each. This allows me to get by with less by washing more. If I did laundry once a week I would probaby have have more. This is what I have followed by (what I'd find ideal)

4 short sleeved tees (I'd like to get down to 3)
1 long sleeved tee, I live in texas, it's warm
3 polos (I've got 5 now)
zip up sweater (might replace this with a hoodie eventually)
waxed denin chore coat
7 button up shirts, I wear these alternately as casual clothes and under a blazer for a more preppy/trad look.
1 pair jeans, 501 STF
2 pairs of khakis
3 pairs of other pants cords, light poplin pants and such. I'd like to get down to two pairs of khakis, a better pair of jeans and one other pair of pants in season, cords for winter, poplin or seersucker or something interesting for summer.
2 pairs of shorts, one khaki, one other.
1 pair of boots
1 pair of boat shoes
1 pair of canvas slip ons (I have more than these 3 but the rest are more formal)

That's basically my whole casual wardrobe. I'm comfortable wearing a tee/polo/buttondown and jeans/khakis every day. I don't have or need much variety but I like the few things I have to fit well and be as high quality as I can afford/justify. If pressed into a corner I could pare my whole wardrobe down to
1 pair jeans
2 pair khakis
2 blazer/sportcoat
2 sweaters
1 casual waterproof jacket
2 tees
2 polos
2 button downs
1 pair boots
1 pair penny loafers
1 pair canvas slip ons.

I could live my whole life in just these clothes.


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2006
Reaction score
Originally Posted by Goblin
. My idea of a fun Friday night is drinking Stewart's soda and reading comic books at the tattoo shop.

Wow, good to know that I am not the only one. I might have to replace the stewart's soda with a little JD, but nevertheless a great night.

I am pretty minimalist also. I don't necessarily like buying clothes and I seem to never like anything when I am out "shopping."

So I typically wear:

tons of murder city devils shirts. (I know a little out dated but I fucking loved them when they were together.)
tons of "the Makers" shirts.
A few black panther t-shirts (angela davis, Huey P, fred Hampton)

Alden Indys
Black frye belted harness boots
Chucks (black, brown, black w/red lining)
Some cowboy boots (Justin Lizard skins, Tony lamas, etc)
Soon to add some Frye brando lace up boots in cognac

LVC 47s and Jean Shop (Rocker cut) in current rotation.
One the back burner: RRDS, SSDS, Canes 47s.
Soon to rotate in: Samurai S0505XX

That's about it.

Oh, BTW what comics you been reading lately. I just started getting into JonaH Hex. Some western action from DC. And I am always reading the Batman books. The new Daredevil isn't half bad.


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2006
Reaction score
Originally Posted by rnrswitch
Oh, BTW what comics you been reading lately. I just started getting into JonaH Hex. Some western action from DC. And I am always reading the Batman books. The new Daredevil isn't half bad.
God, don't get me started on comics.

I liked Jonah Hex, both as a kid and when it was relaunched in the 90s, as I'm a big fan of both horror and westerns. Haven't read it in a long time, though. I was also a big Batman fan. I got out of comics during the 90s, ironically when I was working in a comic store. Got back in a few years back.

My "big" titles as a kid were Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Claremont-era X-Men (was in love with Kitty Pryde), Daredevil, and Wolfman-Perez Titans. Among a *lot* of others. Mostly Marvel, some DC and later Vertigo and some indies. Lately I've been re-reading old favorites like Watchmen, Kingdom Come, Astro City (wife *loves* Astro City), "Essential" (i.e., Lee/Ditko/Romita) Spider-Man, etc.

I've also got into the "Ultimate" titles in a big way. My wife's started reading them, and it makes it easier for her to enjoy them without me having to explain 40 years of terribly abused continuity. I really enjoy Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate FF because they simultaneously put a new spin on things while returning to what made me love the characters to begin with. Even when I was a kid, I loved the reprint Spideys where Peter was a loser better than the "current" ones where he was dating MJ.

I don't really buy new comics now, but luckily our library system has a fantastic interlibrary loan program so I can get lots of trade paperbacks and collections for free. Today I read Hulk: Gray, JSA: Black Reign, Hawkman: Endless Flight, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vols. I & II, and Concrete: Depths.

My next quarry is the Power of Shazam!, which I've heard is fantastic. I'd also like to track down some of the old "All-Star Squadron" stuff from DC, which I really liked, and I liked the JSA book I read today. I've pretty much given up on "mainstream" Marvel continuity, but I've heard good things about Joss Whedon's run on X-Men.

I feel weird buying new comics, though, when there are so many titles available to me for free through the library, so it's very rare that I buy new books of any sort, comics or otherwise. Even when I was a kid, I didn't "collect," I read the books and then traded them because it was the only way I could afford to read all the stuff I wanted. We had a regular gray market of comic books and Destroyer pulps going.


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2006
Reaction score
Yeah, I collected comics a ton when I was a kid. A lot of Batman and Superman. I liked the two extremes. On one side you have Batman who is not superhuman and fights for vengeance, and on the other hand, you have Superman who has all of the superhuman strengths and fights as a debt to humanity for being so weak and feable.

I also, liked spidey and the X-Men. I liked the X-men for the story parallels with racism in the world and different methods of combating it. You got Malcolm X (Magneto) who says it's "time to stop singing and start swinging" and MLK (Xavier) who thinks we shouldn't stoop to the oppresors level to obtain freedom. I tended to side with Magneto on these terms.

I am a big graphic novel fan, so I naturally gravitate to Batman, the king of the graphic novel. The Hush series was absolutely ridiculous.

I am going to be returning to my mom's house where all my old comics are and I am hoping to pick up my ghost riders. Seeing as how the movie is coming out i need to start my reading. I also liked ghost rider too. Another one of them folks who worked off of vengeance. It's kinda funny because I am not a particularly vengeful person.


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2006
Reaction score
Originally Posted by rnrswitch
I also liked ghost rider too. Another one of them folks who worked off of vengeance. It's kinda funny because I am not a particularly vengeful person.
I'm more of a redemption/atonement guy. Hence Spider-Man, Daredevil, Astro City, Sandman, Fantastic Four ... I like the notion that people can fuck up monumentally and still keep fighting the good fight, even when they know they're undoubtedly just going to fuck up again. Has particular resonance for me.


Distinguished Member
Mar 12, 2006
Reaction score
Awesome thread Goblin.
My minimum acceptable casual wardrobe:

Nudie BO Dry
Paper Denim and Cloth SLM 1-year.

Fine Plaid
Basic Wht/Blk Oxfords

4 various colors

Members Only (Beige)
Yoko D Moto Jacket (Black)
French Army Jacket

Sambas comphy for my flat ass feet
Chucks(When only minimal walking is required)

Brass Buckle Leather Strap
Variety of slim slim slim belts

Tees and Thermals


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2006
Reaction score
Canes 55
Levi's 501 STF

white or black graphic tees (70% of my tees are black)
AAA tees
TheHundreds zip-up hoody

Engineered Garments fishing shirt jacket (black)
vintage M65 (olive)

lowtop Chucks
Vans slip-ons/sk8-hi's/chukkas
Jack Purcells

Polo belt
Sugarcane Garrison belt

What I Want (but mostly can't afford to get

LW zip-up hoody
W+H zip-up hoody
Buzz Rickson crewneck
LW pocket tees
black cardigan
military/BDU pants
Alden Indy's


Distinguished Member
Sep 6, 2006
Reaction score
I think my current collection of clothes is the best i've ever had. I'm happy with it.

At least 10 different T-Shirts that I wear with jeans
3 nice sweaters
5 zip-up sweaters
3 hoodies
1 polo shirt
5 button-up dress shirts
3 pairs of jeans
1 pair of black dress pants
1 pair of grey, wool dress pants
1 Hugo Boss suit
5 jackets
2 blazers

I've also got a good mix of shoes and accesories.


Distinguished Member
Mar 29, 2006
Reaction score
so this is what you could live with?


canes 45s

plain tee(white or black... either one)
chateau roux tees(2)
1 vintage le tigre
1 vintage grand slam

skate shoes
gokey boots
lloyd and haig monk strap boots

vintage nike hoodie
m-65, black
french field jacket
vintage denim jacket
pea coat for those harsh florida winter days.

cultpop 0217

I, Manface
Mar 21, 2006
Reaction score
i have a lot of clothing but i find myself wearing the same stuff alot. basically i'd be fine with a handful of t shirts, a slim pair of dark jeans, a scarf, some chucks or slips, a plain hoody and my leather jacket.

my clothing fits into a two catagories. stuff i wear and stuff i collect for one reason or another. its 75% vintage and i only buy new stuff if i really like it.

too many vintage t's to list but only about 5 or 6 i wear regularly
about half a dozen non vintage t shirts.
along with a bunch of homemade designs and an
AA grey v neck i love

a black vintage guayabera shirt.

one awesome vintage western shirt that i never wear cause it needs some altering (too long) and an awesome vintage blue tux shirt with ruffles that i wear occasionally.

a drawer full of vintage polos and long sleeve tops that i bust out rarely and in my closet i have a lot more vintage buttondown dress shirts (some womens) that i rarely wear but cant let go of.

a black cashmere v neck sweater with a few holes that i wear constantly along a few v neck sweater vests (solids and a pink argyle) that i wore last winter

3 vintage hoodies (navy, baby blue, and salmon)
vintage sweatshirt (pink)

way too many jeans to list (again mostly vintage finds along with the random diesel rabox) but the ones in current rotation are:
julian red nikki sixx (by far my most expensive article of clothing)
gap dark skinny
H&M sliq (loosest fitting, my knockaround pair.)
vintage levis 501xx and 517 stretch
tailored white 501s

2 pairs of slim H&M dress pants (dark charcaol with subtle pinstripes and black with white pinstripes, jack skelington style)

a pair of slim cut navy dickies.

accesories include
handfuls of 1" buttons
a few leather cuffs
and some other random (mostly homemade or artist made) jewelry

a bunch of vintage belts (leather, nylon, and elastic in various colors) and a couple vintage buckles.

i have a bunch of scarves (silk or bandanas for summer and heavier knit ones for chilly weather)

a ton of neckties (all vintage) that i never wear because i prefer scarves.

dark navy (almost black) vintage velvet blazer
vintage maroon corded/velvety blazer

a vintage "orkin" work jacket that i love but hardly wear

a vintage levis jacket

2 vintage leather jackets i wear regularly
one is pretty lightweight in maroon
one is pretty heavy in black
i have a handful of others (including a great brown vintage car coat) that i dont wear much
a few nylon vintage nylon jackets for winter

chuck taylors (natural white and beat up black)
a few pairs of slipons
vintage beatle/chelsea boots
a crazy pair of cowboy boots
a pair of white leather slip ons loafers that are dead ringers for cousin eddies in vacation
a pair of black suede skate hi vans
my skate shoes (black w/white stripe duane peters lo and a beat ass pair of red/orange greco 2s)
some red creepers and a bunch of old docs i dont wear and some other random shoes from vintage blue "jack tripper" running shoes to plaid chucks to a pair of old school bowling shoes.

i go thrifting alot and if i like it i buy it. the stuff that is my size and taste i keep.(basically a mish mash of subcultures from the 50's-80's). the rest gets sold or given to friends.
a lot of the vintage stuff i have will sometimes sit in a drawer or closet forever until i decide its the best thing ever and start wearing it again. other pieces i will never wear but are too cool or unique to pass up.
i am definately a clotheshorse but im also pretty budget.
every once in a while i will go through my closet and weed stuff out and after typing this up i think its about time to do just that.


Senior Member
May 3, 2006
Reaction score
My minimum is pretty low. I'll wear anything if I'm being lazy. If I'm going out, it's always (lately) Nudie jeans, boots or chucks, AA tshirt or RL long sleeve polo with a cashmere sweater. I have a black cardigan, light grey vneck and a dark grey crewneck all in cashmere. That is what I like to wear most of the time. I'll throw on a zip hoodie or a jacket in place of the sweater sometimes though.

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