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New Brooks Brothers Ties, Belts, Socks & Gloves

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Steve Smith, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Senior member

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Price includes US shipping. International shipping is not much more. I usually ship a tie rolled up in a bulletproof little 3x4x4 cardboard box. These ties are first quality but have a mark through the label to prevent return to BB. Even if a tie has an "Irregular" label, it is first quality unless otherwise noted.

    Dk Brown American Alligator Belt. W30 Width1 Retail $798 $220
    Dk Brown American Alligator Belt. W30 Width1 Retail $798 Missing Buckle. $170.
    Dk Brown Leather Strap for plaque buckle. W30 Retail $88. $45

    Peal & Co Dark Brown Leather Belt. W38, Width1.25. Retail $148. $70
    Women's Black American Alligator Belt. Medium W31.5, Width 1.5. Retail $798. $200.

    Brown Shearling Lamb Gloves. Made in the United Kingdom. Retail $198. M**SOLD** $60. XL **SOLD**$60. XL with adhesive from transparent tape on one glove (will come out with dry cleaning, see last photo) $50.

    Boxers. Retail $45 per pair. Will be shipped in an envelope, boxes may be crushed.
    W36. BBCC Blue and GF Blue 2 Pairs $45
    W42. BBCC White and BBCC Blue. 2 Pairs $45
    W42. BBCC Blue X 2. 2 Pairs $45

    Silk Ties 3.5 to 3.75. $30
    Lt Lavender Diamonds
    Purple Hermit Crab
    Burg w Lt Blue Dots
    Black w White Dots***SOLD***
    Navy Flowers
    Gold w Lt Blue Golden Fleece. Minor imperfection $20

    Silk Ties 3.25, Last one 3.5. $30
    Red Textured Stripe
    Pink Textured Stripe
    Yellow Textured Stripe
    Purple Textured Stripe
    Lt Blue Textured Stripe

    Silk Ties $30
    Red Green Plaid
    Burgundy Gold Plaid
    Black Watch Wool
    Lt Blue BB1
    Lt Green BB1
    Blue w Burg/Red Stripe

    Extra Long Ties $30
    Navy/Salmon Stripe
    Navy Lt Blue BB1
    Lt Blue Silk Twill
    Burgundy w Pool Balls

    Gray Cotton Corduroy Black Fleece 2 5/8 in wide. $45

    Satin Finish Ties. First three are $30. #4 is $25
    4 inch Gray
    3 in Burgundy
    3 in Lavender
    3 in Lt Gray

    Silk Ties
    Black 4.25 $30
    Lt Blue Silk/Linen Herringbone $30
    Golden Fleece Pink Paisley $35

    Silk Ties 3 inch. $30
    Lt Blue Satin 3 In
    Lt Blue w Logo

    Golden Fleece 4 Inch Silk. $35
    Green Stripe
    Yellow Stripe
    Lavender Stripe
    Solid Pink Seven Fold

    Silk Ties 3.25 to 3.5 $30
    Plum Textured***SOLD***
    Yellow w Fine Blue/White Stripe
    Burg w Salmon/Navy Stripe
    Gold Textured
    Turquoise Textured
    Yellow w Fine Navy/Lt Blue Stripe

    Silk Ties 3 inch $30
    Textured Burgundy***SOLD***
    Fuchsia w Orange/Ivory Stripe
    Purple/Black Stripe
    Salmon w Navy/White/Lt Blue
    Salmon w Navy/White Fine
    Orange w Navy/White/Lt Blue
    Royal Blue

    Knit ties. First is silk, others are wool. $30
    Salmon/Navy/White Stripe
    Orange/Navy Stripe
    Green/Navy Stripe

    Four Brooks Brothers Watch Straps. 16mm. $20

    ALL SOLD BELOW********

    Black Leather Gloves Medium Italy, Cashmere Lining. Supple Leather. $60***SOLD***
    Tan Trifold Leather Wallet. Italy. $60***SOLD***

    3.5 inch ties. Silk and $30 unless otherwise noted
    Lt Blue/Navy BB1
    Lt Green BB1
    Black/Lt Blue BB1
    Burg Stripe Wool/Silk***SOLD***
    Navy/Gold Stripe***SOLD***
    Navy/Gold Medium Stripe***SOLD***
    Navy/Salmon BB1***SOLD***
    Navy/Lt Blue BB1***SOLD***

    Silk Ties 3 inch $30
    Lt Blue
    Navy Black Stripe***SOLD***

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  2. Stefan88

    Stefan88 Senior member

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    Sep 27, 2012
    3 great ties and a pair of gloves arrived today. Sent without tracking number, from US to Japan, arrived within a week. Pretty awesome!

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