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Discussion in 'Menswear Advice' started by LongTall, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Jun 6, 2016

    I have been trying to dive into the fashion world for a while now on my own. For one, I want to overhaul my wardrobe (though "start" would be a better word, since right now its just a random collection of jeans, white t-shirts with questionable fit and a few knitted sweaters). But I am also getting more and more interested in fashion itself. My biggest problem right now is being completely overwhelmed with the absurd amount of labels and styles. The other problem is finding clothes of any style that I can afford and fit me.

    I am a 22 year old student and musician. So there goes the budget. I am 2m (6,5 feet) tall and weigh 90-95kg (198-209lbs). So there goes the fit. I'd be extremely thankful for any tips regarding companies that produce affordable clothes for that frame.

    Regarding the quest of finding my style I thought look books might be a good start. So I went through all the look books for the current season on fashionbeans. Thrice. Most of them where not what I am looking for, they were either very classic and/or way on the business side of the spectrum. Some that went in the right direction were (in no particular order): Percival, Jigsaw, Arte Antwerp, CWST. Of course, they are all out of my price range and probably wouldn't fit anyway. Luxury brands I find interesting: Neil Barrett, Balmain.
    Generally speaking I like being one of the best dressed persons in the room. I'm okay with being slightly overdressed. I don't have many occasions (almost none) to wear a business style suit and therefore no need for more than one of them (already have that one). I am not really a fan of the classic mens style, as I feel it's not daring enough. I don't like the idea of fashion that's faster than 2 seasons/year. I like fabrics and materials (I know this sounds dumb. What I mean is that I like the use of fabrics for what they are. I don't like imitated fabrics).

    Regarding my physical appearance: I am tall, slim but not fit, have dark blond, very curly hair, blue eyes, fairly pale skin, feminine lips and prominent cheekbones.

    Regarding shoes: I have size 13-14. That limits my options somewhat.

    I hope you can give me some guidance. I am thankful for everything you throw my way, be it brands to look at, blogs to follow, articles to read, inspiration to absorb or criticism that makes me question my taste.


    Edit: I forgot to mention that here where I live the winters are long and wet and the summers short and hot.
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    It's perhaps best to browse some picture galleries for a while.

    Not every outfit is going to be a hit, but the gallery is big and varied enough that you'll probably find something there.

    Good luck.



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    I also strongly suggest you put together a set of 25-50 pictures out outfits that you like. Don't think too much about why you like them. You see a picture, you like the outfit, and then you save it. After you've put together a sizeable set, look at them as a whole and try to figure out if any themes seem to arise, elements that are consistent between groups of outfits. Common traits and qualities.

    Whatever those are, that's your ideal style, what you really like. Understand that, and you'll have a much easier time going forward.

    An inductive approach to discovering your own style preferences (as I don't like the idea of "ch0osing" preferences intellectually...which often amounts to post hoc rationalization anyway")
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